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Sep 29, 2010
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Anyone else think Lapanta and Tom whoeverthef*ck was awful last night, granted it was their first game but still, they were yapping about nothing half the game instead of the game at hand.

They were bad, especially Tom, but it was the first game so I will give them a chance. It's very difficult to replace a long time team in the booth.

Haha, I was actually pleasantly surprised with their call of the game.

Ever since I heard Lapanta was going to do play-by-play, I had it built up in my mind that my ears would be bleeding and my teeth grinding --- but i really didn't mind his call too much.

That said, I still miss Mazzocco and (sort of) Woog. I'll learn to adapt though, I suppose. It's not like it will stop me from watching ever. Lapanta and Chorske will get better. It could be a lot worse. *Cough* Hawk Harrelson *Cough*

LaPanta is very solid at play by play imo. I don't miss Woog's incoherent ramblings.

I watched the postgame show in its entirety just so I could hear Woog's incoherent ramblings.

I think I got my fill for the forseeable future.

Announcers-Fire the coach

I thought they were alright and chorske is a funny guy so I think he will improve each week. Frank was about the only announcer we have known for quite awhile so obviously nobody can replace him right away. CAN WE PLEASE FIRE LUCCIA BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND!! Horrible for check-Defense never steps up in neutral zone or defensive zone. It's 100% coaching problem right now!

I liked rob alot better than tom. I wish mazzacco was still doing play by play, but it'll just have to take some time to get used to him not calling games.

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