Hallman: Minnesota AD checked our box—he hired a Black coach. Now the question we ask is will Johnson be given the time and support to succeed


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Jun 27, 2018
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I would add the following to his scorecard. Since he has taken over, the following players have transferred out. You could make an argument a number of these guys weren't B1G caliber, but for the sake of discussion, the list is below. CBJ took over 3/21/21, so it's been almost exactly 2 years. In that 2 years, 12 players have transferred out, and if Cooper leaves, that makes it an entire 13 player basketball team. I'm not advocating that all these players should still be around. But just looking at the numbers themselves, it's rather startling.

- Liam Robbins
- Charlie Daniels
- Sam Freeman
- Martice Mitchell
- Brandon Johnson
- Both Gach
- Gabe Kalschuer
- Tre Williams
- Abdoulaye Thiam
- Treyton Thompson
- Jaden Henley
- Jamison Battle
Each of these guys has a "story", I'm sure.

Like, Robbins left because Ben didn't hire his uncle. That simple.

Gach was horrifically overhyped and flopped big time, which is tragic because he wanted to come back home and play in front of family.

Gabe's shooting had cratered and I think he was just tired of it and needed a change scenery. If he hadn't gotten into such a funk here, it's possible he stays?


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