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Nov 21, 2008
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Some details from Mara on the summer workouts, style of play, transition to new coach and her time on US basketball this summer. She comments about the coaches pouring everything they have into having the team prepared. She seems to be a fan of the staff and ready to be coached up. I thought she was quite insightful. Glad she chose to stay.


Mara Braun is excellent in interviews. That said 50 minutes is a long time to spend.
My notes for those who may not have the time.
Freshman year: lots of ups and downs....wake up hungry every day
test everyday (basketball) Can't explain it...whole different thing....(Big Ten vs high school)
Stay or Transfer?: "Easy decision to stay". "For me, I love Minnesota"
"The decisions to stay or go were reached individually. What's best for you? What's best for your family?" Staying in state is a big thing. More Minnesota HS recruits should play for the Gophers.
"When I came to Minnesota, I committed not only to the staff but to the whole state. I stayed here to be able to play in front of my family." Lots of relatives at games. Parents going with team to Croatia.
Practice: Coaching staff super high energy every day
Every day we start practices with one handed finishes
All learning to value possessions - slow down but play with pace
We watch a lot film....before, during practice to get a better idea whaat we want it to look like, and post practice more film.
We do drill work breaking down parts of what we do.
Leadership: Sophie is very vocal. The four freshmen kind of leaders by default in that they have game experience for the Gophers. Lots of new people.
China 3 on 3: Youngest person by far at tryouts. She is 19. Oldest player trying out was 29.
Lots of mid 20's people trying out.
I have always wanted to play on the USA Olympic team. Proud to wear USA jersey.
Not only do I represent the USA but Minnesota too!
Great experience. Getting to see the world through basketball.
Not sure why but they trimmed the USA 3 on 3 rosters by one player for the World Championships.
She made the team but it wasn't guaranteed she'd be on the finals team for ...(where is it? Mongolia in September)
Caitlin Clark:
Absolutely somebody you can learn from watching her game. She's always moving...much like Steph Curry. I watch them both. Knows how to change pace and speed. When to burst.
When to slow down. She'll slow get closer and she goes by you with her speed.
Clark shooting 30 footers: "She's got the green light!" Said with a chuckle and maybe some hopeful envy.
Mara Braun - Her birthday is September 12th
Fun listen but those were my take aways.
Very together person who I think is going to just keep rising nationally.
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