Gophers v Notre Dame 4 & 5 November 2022

Yes, very impressive game tonight. Let’s see if we can string together two straight games.

Best two games of this season by far. Gophers skill and speed beat a veteran Irish squad. Also a dominate Close didn't hurt.

Watched both games this weekend. That's a very impressive team the Gophers have. They just choked the life right out of Notre Dame for all 120 minutes. Cooley, Snuggie, and Chesley are very nice additions to this team. Huglen looks ready to break out big time. Wow. Just really impressed right now.

Notre Dame was much better in the third period tonight than they were last night. Still, while they got shots, not many got to the net. The goal on the major sure made the game less stressful. A hat tip to video review.

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