Gophers target: Morehead State PG Ta'Lon Cooper (5.9 APG)

Overall, happy with Cooper, especially if that's who BJ wanted, but like a few others on the board was hoping for more of a very quick, dribble penetrating point who could hit floaters, a few layups, draw fouls and dish. Know they don't grow on trees but it seemed every successful tourney team had one of those. Easier to play D if you don't have to worry about other team getting in the lane off the dribble. Just my opinion.
I'm one of the people who said that I don't think Cooper looked particularly quick, but I think he will absolutely put stress on our opponents' defenses. He is really good with the ball in his hands and a really good passer without overly dominating the ball. He's a good enough shooter where he'll keep you honest and a a good enough ball handler to get by his opponent.

I'll be pretty surprised if Cooper isn't one of this board's favorite players next season.


Go Ta'lon's!!

Its about time before fotoball season cranks up and I'll be be visiting your board durring the season pulling for the new and improved, titanium , bucktoothed, jugular vein ripping outers, TEAM!

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