Gophers Pro Day

What did he hit on the gun on the 3-yd TE curl route?!?

Too soon . . . ?!?

He does look 1000% better than AK.
Yeah, those throws looked really good. No side arm, sling shot motion. After watching just a few of his throws, I would be willing to bet my next 10 paychecks that we will have fewer passes batted down at the line of scrimmage next year. Now... we all know that it is a lot harder to complete passes with Big Ten defensive linemen coming at you. But I like what I see!

I can’t wait for Max to show up to game one with a new 3/4 throwing motion. That’s my favorite part of the season.
Obviously you said this tongue in cheek and we all hope it doesn't happen, but if something like this were to happen then we will have our answer as to why AK suddenly went from playing fantastic in Wisc & bowl game to playing poorly last season: Harbaugh Jr.

I didn't want to start a new thread but Nubin said he had meniscectomy after the season which is why he didn't work out at the combine and still wasn't back to 100% at pro day. For his sake, I hope they only needed to remove torn pieces and not the total meniscus as that could affect his draft stock (and the health of his knee later in life).

As for other guys, I haven't heard any 40 times which makes me think none of the longshots (ex Crooms/CrAB, Sean Tyler) did anything particularly notable. Team speed is a concern of mine in recent years, so it would be nice to know we had a guy or two run sub 4.5. Feels like a B1G team should always have a couple guys who run well at a pro day even if they aren't NFL players and that would speak well of recruiting and/or the strength and conditioning staff depending on the player.

Thru the years it was fun watching his improvement. Great decision returning for his last year of eligibility showing the nation his talent. Will he have a better NFL career than AWjr?

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