Gophers/Notre Dame Series: Road Test Awaits 'U' at Notre Dame

Whoa, whoa, whoa. A positive post? Wrong forum. This forum is the place to come and bitch and moan about the effort, the coaching, the PP system, the roster, and everything about Gopher Hockey. Some of these posts would lead one to believe that we should just shut down the program, demolish Mariucci Arena, and take up field hockey. So what if we are #2 in the polls? And that #1 pairwise ranking? Apparently meaningless.

Seriously, we are having a kick ass season, and we are hugely talented. Everyone should enjoy it. We aren't going to win every game, and that is not realistic goal no matter what anyone on this board believes.
Agreed, this team is fun to watch and is damn good. Sure we could find things to complain about, but every team out there has the same issues and most have way more than us. We're not #1 in the PWR by accident.

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