Gophers AD Mark Coyle remains 'absolutely convinced' in P.J. Fleck


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Nov 11, 2008
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Per Randy:

Athletic director Mark Coyle acknowledged that the Gophers' 5-5 record entering Saturday's game at No. 2 Ohio State is not what he and P.J. Fleck had hoped for, but he remains steadfast in support of his coach.

"We have everything in place at Minnesota," Coyle said during an interview on KFXN-FM before the Gophers lost 37-3. "I am absolutely convinced P.J. is the right guy. Nobody wants to win more than he does."

Coyle pointed to wins over Nebraska and Iowa as positives but understands the frustration stemming from losses to Northwestern, Illinois and Purdue.

"There's no doubt we're doing some really cool things, but there's no doubt we've let some get away from us," Coyle said.

Go Gophers!!

You have "everything in place"? Then why does your coach grovel for NIL donations on his radio show?
Even if the Gophers were doing real well as to a record, do you think that the NIL donations would come? We can't even get the Village paid for.

The AD usually is pretty good at keeping his head down. The honeymoon for PJ has probably officially ended.

It's kind of like a cult. Don't pay attention to results or evidence -- stay firm in your beliefs!

We'll never move forward with Fleck's basement-level recruiting. We had a few years with easy schedules where we could have jumped to the next level, but Fleck failed.

The dreaded vote of confidence.

If you remember the old days of "Saturday Night Live," then you will get this reference -

I like to refer to Coyle as "the Late Mr. Lupner."

(SNL back in the old days did a sketch where Gilda Radner played a nerd named Lisa Lupner. Her father - the late Mr. Lupner - was born without a spine.)

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