GOPHER WRESTLING: Eight Gophers Qualify for NCAA Tournament

Watching the Consolation Championship Matches on the ESPN app on my ROKU. Only Gopher left to wrestle is Gable for 3rd. I cannot speak to the recruiting aspect of this sport. Compared to what it once was under the previous coaching regime and to what it is now is a huge difference. Believe we finished 8th as a Team last season and it looks like we will be repeating that finish this season.

Is this sport at the U of MN heading in the right direction? I understand it takes time to build a program, but it was built and flourishing quite well. Perhaps there was rush to judgment in filling the coaching position. Guess only time will tell.

Gonna be tough with nj, pa and oh being hot beds for high school wrestling and PSU, OSU and now Rutgers putting more effort into their programs.

Then when we do get two top HS wrestlers, they’re in the same weight class

Things have really changed over the years. IMO, kids are just not that interested in sports like they use to be. With that being said, I think most people who are fans of the sport would agree that whatever you stick into a sport is what you get out of it.

It is fine and dandy that these MN recruits have State Championships either individually or as a Team, but I feel this sport has suffered over the years by going to a 3 Tier system. There is also that saying you are only as good as the person that pushes you in the wrestling room.

I have been saying it for quite some time and would love to see the MSHSL go to a 2 Tier system, at the most, for this sport. I understand kids at many MN schools would not have the opportunity to participate in this sport, but I also know schools are struggling to fill weight classes. Heck, they are struggling to keep their schools open without merging. Maybe, just maybe, they also struggle with the coaching aspect of it.

Also, IMO it appears when they come to a DIV 1 College, they just cannot perform as they did in High School. Many of these top MN recruits struggle.

I truly love this sport, but feel it has changed so much in this state. I have no idea, if what I suggested has been looked at by the MSHSL, but I hope some day soon they do. I want nothing more to see these MN kids achieve more, when they get to college. I have outlined my thoughts and would love to hear from other wrestling fans.

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