Gopher VB - Kellie McNeil to leave program?


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Nov 12, 2008
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Per VolleyTalk message board, word is that McNeil is leaving the program. This, after her sister's schollie was pulled earlier this summer.

This really hurts. The coaches thought enough of her to start her against Washington in the tourney. I wonder if it is a problem with the McNeil family.

Count me as someone who finds this development very disconcerting. What was the reason for the younger McNeil to have her schollie pulled? I'll go with the flow for now and trust in McCutcheon and his staff. But I'll also admit to not liking this at all.

Kellie is no longer on the roster on I assume Mia Tabberson will start at setter again. Mia started over Kellie for most of last year (including the last three sets against Washington in the NCAA Tourney), but Kellie had more upside. The only two other setters on the roster are Sandra Palmer ( a 5'7" junior transfer fro Santa Clara) and Karyn Israel (a walk-on freshman from California). I was hoping Kellie would step up this year, but we were able to make the sweet sixteen with Mia. I am concerned about next year.

While she was a big talent, it isn't a huge issue, because we have setter Katie Schau (a top recruit) from Michigan coming in as a freshman next year. But we have got to get a quality Libero/DS or we will be in huge trouble! Also, I find the recent MN transfer trend a real issue. (Tabi Love, Steffi Sooter, Kellie McNeil)

Who's our starting liberal/ds going to be? Lawmaster, Hauer, or Bohl?

Who's our starting liberal/ds going to be? Lawmaster, Hauer, or Bohl?

It won't be Hauer. She wasn't recruited for her ball control. It will be either FR Lawmaster, FR White (who are both listed as DS/Lib), or Bohl. The other possibility is if transfer setter Alex Palmer converts to libero, as setters sometimes do (see Dani Busboom).

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