Gopher Potential Portal Pursuits

Deivon Smith give him double what you were going to give Hawkins…

On the other hand of this news, aren't there a shit ton of guards available in the portal?

You should be able to find a decent guard with what you were planning to pay Hawkins. You're also selling a starting PG spot/time.

Only option left is to join the circus

Is it too late for Frank Mitchell to enter the portal?
football's adam kissayi says its never too late. and dennis evans added "just ask for your release"

waiting for school's to start using binding contracts and NDAs

Up until now the sales pitch was- you get some money and you get to play with a great pass first PG. Now the sales pitch is, you get his money + what we already offered you!
thought the sales pitch has been the same for the past 25 years: the first 50 programs you preferred wouldn't take you, but we will

sans for a few local guys

Cash Chavis?? Just throwing it out there.....

You know, the one thing I have learned from these last few years of CBB - at least try to be old. A lot of the better teams tend to be pretty mature. We have one year of the optional 5th year remaining (for most players anyway) and I'd suggest that we use it. The idea that we can bring in freshmen and watch them develop just isn't realistic anymore.

Well, we have spots open.
As a depth wing to replace some of Carrington's minutes, this makes sense to me. He is much closer to a Loewe or Sutherlin than he is to an Ogele. He'd be a nice pickup.

Why do we never know who is touring campus and the athletes village?

Are the reporters for Gopher basketball just as disinterested as the athletic department?

Yes it’s no time to panic but how about some news on the effort please!!!!!

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