Gopher Hockey Recruiting

5 Star 2007s remaining:
LJ Mooney - #4 2007, #2 American 2007, #2 college bound
William Moore - #6 2007, #4 Canadian 2007, #3 college bound if he plays college
Lukas Sawchyn - #18 2007, # 6 "American" 2007 (sort of Minnesotan), #8 college bound if he plays college
Cooper Simpson - #10 American 2007, #2 Minnesotan 2007

Minimum need one of those. Success would be 2. Insanity would be 3+.
Simpson to UND. Ouch. Kid is a beast.

5 star recruit for next year Christian Humphreys is back on the market!

And the Gophers are already out of the running. BC, UM, and PSU.

5 star Minnesotan 07 Ryder Betzold to ASU...

No idea who Reid is.

Mooney could turn out to be a 4 year college player so that's good

Still need more high end 2007s

Gophers need forwards for next year. They should carry 15 forwards.
Lose Nelson, Brodzinski, Snuggerud
11 returnees
Add Hendrickson, Ziemer, Reid, ?

I don't think they want to bring in Nevers, Townsend, Moore, or Reid yet. But I guess Reid is the most likely.

At this point I'd say go to the portal for a top 6 forward next spring.

Good to lock down one of the top Minnesotans in that age group.

Apparently Leo Gruba is no longer committed to SCSU and is one of the biggest remaining names on the market to plug into a roster next season. If injuries continue to be a problem, he would be one of few options you could potentially also bring in at Christmas.

Can Gruba suit up tomorrow night? Think I’d take him over Begley, Rud, or Fish.

Jokes aside I have to think we have a great shot, not that I have inside info.

Nice. A 2004 that you can have a better feel for how he'll contribute next year. Now keep up that scoring pace and win the USHL points race.

nice couple of days for the gophers. I think Gruba will be 20 at winter break I wonder if they bring him in then. I am sure they won’t, but it could make sense.

Rumor has it SCSU wanted Gruba to come in this year, so I don't think a December jump is totally out of the question.

Michigan gets their 4th 5-star 2007 with Anthony Bongo shortly after picking up 5-star 2006 Christian Humphreys and 4.5-star 2007 Cooper Dennis. Wow.

Berchild, Bumgarner, and Kvasnicka will all be massive targets in August. Getting two would be a win.

Elsewhere Matvei Gridin committed to, you guessed it, Michigan

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