Go Get Musselman

That money wasn’t solely paid by their athletic department, never know any large ones which have been. Their alums have oil 💰 Soggy. Your comment, makes me wonder, if your last name is Rube?

Oil 💰 >>>Lutefisk 💰

If you’re so concerned about it, then why don’t you share with class how much you’ve donated?

A cursory search, pulled this up, this regarding the buyout -

This ballpark takes you to $55 million all-in within the next few months. This is money, Bjork said, that will come from athletic department coffers and the independent 12th Man Foundation (A&M booster club) funds.

“There’s buckets that the 12th Man Foundation houses within their structure,” Bjork said. “Those are flexible funds that we had a conversation about and said those funds are to benefit athletics. They raise money for championship athletics, and our mission is championship athletics and opportunities. You sit down, you have those conversations. They have their discussions within their organization. That’s the one-time funds. The ongoing payments that are required in the contract, those will be athletic department funds. We grow revenue, we have new TV deals coming up, new sponsorship contracts coming up. We’re repurposing a lot of our revenue buckets so we have a lot of new revenue coming our way, too, but we also have to manage expenses.”
I donate to both the UST and gopher basketball program, more so to UST. It’s no secret I went to UST.

Also, I think you take everything too literally. When I said “Texas A&M”, I meant, and I thought it was obvious, Texas A&M athletic department + boosters. Either way my intent is still accurate, there are big athletic departments, with deep alumni pockets where buyouts of any size don’t matter…whereas at the U, we’re shaken in our boots over literally nothing.

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