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Jan 3, 2014
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This team is having a special year and has the right make-up. Great job Coach Motzko thus far!

1) Experienced D, statistically the best in the country with 3 upperclassmen pro’s. Not to mention top D coach in country in Coach Steve Miller

2) Offensively, absolutely electric with professional talent everywhere.

-3 of the top 5 in BIG scoring
-5 of the top 10 in BIG scoring
-10 of the top 30 in BIG scoring

3) Goaltenders having good seasons. Close top in BIG in GAA, towards the top in SVP

Folks that miss the opportunity to see this team live are missing history. 2nd half of season to go, get to the games and get loud!

Well said. The resurgence started in 2020-21, but we can comfortably say that gopher hockey is back. Mariucci is fun again, and this team is stacked, as good as any in the country. Anything can happen in a one and done, but we have as good of a chance as anyone to hoist the trophy in April.

Fun fact: Gophers have never won the regular season conference title and a national championship in the same year. Looking like that would have to change this year as it will probably require a collapse to lose the conference and the bye through the best of three round that comes with that.

Last series Feb 24/25
Bye weekend Mar 4
Semifinal (would be at Mariucci) Mar 11
Championship (would be at Mariucci) Mar 18
NCAA Regionals Mar 23-26

You really want to win that semifinal to not play only 1 game over the three week period ahead of the tournament.

Without looking into numbers and records and all that, I’ve been thinking in my mind about who would win in a 7 game series between this years team and the 2013-14 team that lost to union and should have been champs that year.

Defense: this years group is deeper and more talented.
Forward: our top line is better than it was in 13-14, but I’ll give that team the edge as far as depth goes.
Goaltending: Close has been fine, but Wilcox gets the clear nod here.
Special teams: I’m going purely off memory here but I still feel uneasy about our PK this year, although it has improved from earlier in the year. Edge to 13-14.

Conclusion: 13-14 team gets the slight nod. Hoping this group does what that one didn’t and brings home the big trophy.

13-14 had 14 forwards with 0.2 points per game or more. This year has 10. We need just a bit more from the 4th line.

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