Georgia WR Tyler Williams has committed to MN

Getting Dylan Wright vibes in terms of frame and ability, hopefully there’s more production there though.

If this sticks then it’s one hell of a get and shores up that WR corp concern very nicely!

Think he starts opposite Jackson right away.
I’d be a bit surprised. He doesn’t have much experience even at the high school level at wr. Looks like we had offered him out of high school as well.

Great transfer class so far. Only guy I can’t figure out is Jai’Onte McMillan. Low rated out of HS; low rated as a transfer. PJ obviously saw something. Hope we get to see it.

Guys who are great athletes but need some development are learning, more quickly now, that helmet schools don’t do development. They just reload. Come to Minnesota to develop!

wonder what that says about the rest of the WR corp right now. Besides Jackson, sounds like they need help.

I’m not sure what to say. Two months ago I was convinced NIL and the new transfer rules would hurt us.
You would think having one of the worst years in recent Gopher football history would hurt recruiting.

Very strange indeed. Almost an inverse relationship to winning.

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