Favorite memories of Old Mariucci


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Dec 9, 2022
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It was a freezing night on a Michigan State weekend. Robb Stauber in goal had demolished a Spartan with his head down just inside the blueline on a partial breakaway. Anyway, we were in the corner near the overhang and my grumpy Dad was complaining we'd never see a puck there. Not even 5 minutes later, a deflected shot caroms off the back wall, falls down, and knocks my Dad's glasses off! Needless to say my brothers and I roared with laughter.
That was the charm of the old arena.

Mine isn’t even a Gopher game. Grew up on the Range, loved UMD hockey. Early 80’s, UMD played North Dakota in a playoff game or series but it ended up being played at Mariucci because the Spring Boat Show was using the Duluth arena. UMD fans made the place their own and even Crazy George showed up to help the atmosphere. UMD won the game, my mom and dad took us to the Cities to witness. One of the most exciting games ever for me.

I remember the short ceiling and little balcony on the William's Arena side. A save would go 10 feet in the air and the would hit the slanted ceiling and the whistle would blow. But is was a great perch for Goldy.

Used to be, if you showed up after the game started, someone might let you in the exit doors on 4th Street. And you could usually find a seat near the balcony rafter beams.

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