Farewell to the dome: year's worst game

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Nov 12, 2008
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Interesting that our two worst games - Michigan and Iowa are at home in the dome; the three best - Bowling Green, Purdue, Illinois are on the road, outdoors.

Ummm...we can only pray that the pattern continues. Well, minus our opening game in Syracuse's dome next year, of course!

In my opinion, this game sums up the last 27 years of the Metrodome: abysmal.

Has Zero to do with the Dome

The effort against Michigan and Iowa was absolutely non existant. We would have lost to Idaho State or Central Arkansas by 20 plus on any field in the country with the same effort this team gave in those 2 games. I thought Brewster had fixed the problem of simply not playing that we had at times under Mason, but obviously not.

This is the worst shutout against the gophers in dome history. I'm not saying it is the dome but rather the efforts and performances of the Gophers within the dome.

Year's worst?

I think this is easily the new worst Gopher football loss of all-time.

Nebraska:84, Minnesota: 13 in 1983 might have been close. But there was SOME spark of offense in that game. Unlike Nebraska, who was trying to make a statement, Iowa could have scored more tonight. They clearly backed-off out of respect for a conference rival. So it's debatebale. Also, Nebraska was ranked #1 in the nation.

I would put this year's loss to Michigan in the Top 5 as well, all things considered.

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