Eric Boogaard: Nothing but Gratitude, Appreciation and Admiration for Lindsay Whalen and Team

Ignatius L Hoops

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Sep 9, 2015
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Back in 2004, I was a 13-year kid who was just discovering what would become a life-long love for Women’s and Girls Basketball. In was in large part of being from Marshall, MN at the time of the Minnesota Golden Gophers Magical Final Four run and we had a hometown girl on that very team and starting in Shannon Bolden. It was after the team’s second round thumping of the 2 seed Kansas State at Williams Arena (The Barn) that ESPN Analyst Debbie Antonelli said a statement that has always stuck with me. She said, “Minnesota had its first rockstar in Prince, and ladies and gentlemen, they now have a second one in Lindsay Whalen.”

Looking back, Debbie was absolutely right about what a love affair Lindsay Whalen and the state of Minnesota would experience. When you think about her run as a Gopher, that 2004 season can only be summed up with the word magical. She gave the entire state something to rally around, cheer for and follow. Even as the Timberwolves were in the Western Conference Finals, Whalen was the name anybody and everybody wanted to talk about anytime sports were mentioned.

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