Dyami Starks


Nov 12, 2008
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Dyami Starks who is from Duluth East has a laundry list of schools. He is a good ball player that has some work to do.

This past sumer he stayed back in Duluth to play with his High School Team and work on his game. This is what his high school Coach Chuck Tolo said about Dyami Starks.

"Dyami Starks works tirelessly at trying to improve his overall game. When we did individual evaluations after last season, we talked about many parts of his game that he needs to improve upon. He really worked hard at improving his weaknesses and making the strong parts of his game even stronger. Dyami sacrificed a lot of exposure this summer to predominantly stay in Duluth and work out with his teammates. He wants to have a successful season at Duluth East this year. Dyami is a gifted shooter, one of the best if not the best that I have ever coached. What I continue to stress to Dyami is that he needs to become a complete player. He is definately working hard on all aspects of his game. Dyami is becoming a strong leader and is the captain of our squad this season. I believe that we will go as far as Dyami is able to lead us. The more he gets his teammates involved, the tougher we are going to be. I know that Dyami is getting a ton of D1 interest. Whoever gets him is going to be lucky in the long run.

You have to keep remembering that Dyami is still only a junior and he has a long ways to go. But his potential and upside are huge."

Acording to Dyami The schools that continue to show me the love are Marquette, Clemson, Drake, Creighton, USC, Columbia U, Northern Iowa, Wisconsin, and Iowa State.

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