Dennis Evans - Is it time to recommit?

I think i read somewhere hes been hurt

Yes, the post right above yours:


Loved the moon dog, he wasn’t a shooter but new how to get the ball through the net.
He was gritty, no doubt about it. Walk-on with no 'stars' to his name, but more than made up for it by just outworking everybody. Guy was a poster child for being mentally tough. Nothing phased him.

Interesting just checked outtop Gopher recruiting targets the last 3 years: 1. Tre Holloman is doing nothing at MSU 2. TAISON CHATMAN is doing nothing ( hardly playing) at OSU, and last but not least Nolan Winter is hardly playing and doing nothing at Wisconsin!. I find it ironic Two 4 star recruits and a high 3 star recruit all playing at Major Big Ten Powers and hardly even sniffing the floor and for darn sure not developing as players. All would have played at the University of MN.
Both Holloman and Winter are key rotation players for their respective teams, especially Holloman in his 2nd year (18 mpg). Winter, already playing 10 mpg, could be on a similar path PT-wise next year when Wahl graduates.

Chatman? Yeah, I'm not sure he'd be playing even for the Gophers.

Eli King, who everybody wanted, is the least efficient player on NoDak. Maybe ISU knew something.

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