Crawford: Big Ten win total projections for 2019 season (Minnesota Over/Under: 6)

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Sep 12, 2010
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That's an epidemic on this board. Whether it is Claeys winning 9 games, Tubby getting to round of 32, or Fleck's wins over Purdue and Georgia Tech, there always seems to be someone who wants to explain why it doesnt really count or isn't as good as it looks on paper. Let's not be afraid to claim victory when we win.

I think part of it is a lot of times the really good wins have ended up not being indicative of what was going to happen the following year, but same could be said for the really bad losses. It's the question of if we played them 10 times, would we have beaten them 10, 5 or 1? But it's the same question, whether it's PU, WI, IL or NE.

But, I think the point is this:

the over/under at 6 is not how Gopher fans see the team. It's how outside sources see the team. and, to be honest, a lot of these pre-season mags and predictions are based on minimal research and evidence. some 'expert' looks at last year's scores, maybe checks a list of graduated seniors, and throws a number out there. I've seen a lot of the preview mags in the past that were factually incorrect, or clearly did not follow player movement/ transfers, etc.

I agree with you. On paper, the Gophers should be better than a 6-win team. but to an outside 'unbiased' observer, they look at the scores, including some bad losses last year, and come up with a number. I'll bet that some of the predictors don't know about the change in Def Coordinators, or some of the injury issues. they're just looking at the w/l record and doing a 5-minute google search on "Gopher Football."

I mostly agree with you. I was really impressed with what Rossi did with the defense once he took over, but looking at it from the outside, you have a guy that is a disciple of the guy you fired taking over. Yes, his wins against WI and PU were great, but why would an outside guy think that a loss like IL or NE couldn't happen again next year?

That said, I'm still a little surprised it wasn't 7 wins. Even as an outsider with the simplest Google search you'd see the Gophers had the youngest team in America last year (I think that was said once?), now it is a more experienced team, so that should be a help. Plus, in theory they should have an easier schedule, which should help. So I can see why they didn't say 12 wins and a B1G championship, but 6 seems like he just ignored even the most basic facts about the team, not even getting into the DC situation or some of the other players they are getting back.

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