Coach Knowles on the challenge that Minnesota presents: "They're the best 4th down conversion team in the country."

Wow, they’re shaking in their boots on this one! Hey say something nice about your blind date…”um she’s got a nice ring tone on her phone”. Yeesh, that’s pretty damn bad. 4th down, thank god he didn’t ask what he thinks they like. “Well, their defense is awful against good teams, hell even bad teams!“ Just show some fight boys…prove these guys wrong! I’ll be watching with my crew as always.
Our coaches should say "Ohio State presents a lot of matchup problems. They're a great team. They run a very good Sleaze Fund and pay the players high-6-figures & luxury cars."

Ohio State has probably been laughing at the Gophers after watching the Purdue film. 600 yards of offense and a defense that gave up 49 points to Purdue. You can expect them to just show up and score points. I'm expecting them to just show up the Buckeyes and expect to win. Would be nice if the Gophers didn't get blown out or steam-rolled. They will be thinking about Michigan as they look to put stuff on film. Probably trying to find motivation to not be bored after 3 plays. Gophers, shssh they don't cover or tackle.
We should surprise them next time by trotting out the Vikings.

If 45 and six can’t play, then Ohio State will play their starters for one series in the second half and then they’ll be flirting with cheerleaders the rest of the game. Back in 83 against Nebraska I remember the trainers dragging Ivan Zubar off the field. I thought he might’ve been dead — dude was a freshman playing against Steinkuler and Remington. Let’s just hope we don’t see carnage like we did on that day.
Does Ohio State run a prostitution ring for the players & recruits? The way they obsess over college kids and bribe wouldn't surprise me.

We should address this at the press conference next time. And I'm serious.

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