CBS Candid Coaches: How do you feel about the state of college basketball in 2022?


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Nov 11, 2008
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How do you feel about the state of college basketball in 2022?​


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• "The landscape is changing with the transfer portal, NIL, COVID bonus years, etc., but the mission still remains the same. Players/teams get incredible exposure through monster TV deals, they are provided with educational opportunities because of the game of basketball, and young people get the opportunity to play college basketball on the national stage."
• "There are many challenges that have come up in the last few years (NIL, portal, COVID-19). The NIL and portal were necessary changes in my opinion. We just need to implement some better standards and guidelines in both cases. COVID-19 taught us that the sport can withstand a crisis and now that we are (hopefully) through the very worst of it, the sport is in a stronger place. I thought the 2022 NCAA Tournament was phenomenal, ending with an awesome Final Four."
• "College basketball is in a great spot. Talent level will be strong. Guys are sticking around because of possibilities to make money. Should be a great season, and will only continue to get better. Especially with college hoops being abnormally old."
• "It's still the greatest show on earth with the greatest winner-take-all tournament."


• "College basketball is the best f------ thing in the world. It's really good, fun to be around and I'm blessed to be able to do it, but there's also concern. Concern for the product, the student-athletes we're putting out into society based on their experience with college athletics. How few of them are able to maintain a profession in this spot and what that means in terms of their habits once they leave. A big part of why we coach is to prepare young people for those things, when they can draw from these experiences when s--- matters. When you have to go get a job and perform and now your livelihood is impacted by that differently. That's where I think there's a difference in terms of what's at stake."
• "We're all getting paid quite well, the players are getting a cut, the facilities are nice, and I damn sure like private plane travel. What is not to like?"
• "I think it's strong enough and there's enough excitement around it. Yes, there's a lot of negative things that are happening in some people's eyes with the transfer portal, NIL and conference realignment. ... College basketball is going through a lot of changes, it has always evolved, people have adjusted to it and that's where we are now. When they added the 3-point line, then pushed it back, there's been change that people have thought 'Man, what's going on with the game?' but it always ends up surviving."
• "A number of great players stayed in college. Teams will still be older with the combination of NIL keeping some of those players and COVID eligibility still impacting things. I think this will make for terrific nonconference games and conference races. Concerned some about where conference realignment turns next and what that potentially means for the NCAA Tournament."


• "It is a completely different job. It is a different business. Different skillset required. Without a governing body and the ability to do whatever you want, in many regards, the model is unlike any there has ever been. I have said hundreds of times over the last 18 months: There will be more coaches hired/fired and retired in these next five years than any 10-year period in the history of college athletics."
• "Game-changing variables have been introduced in such a short period of time. Personally, I hope to be on the right side of change before I'm left out."
• "The bottom line has always affected ethics and our decision-making. The bottom line from TV contracts is impacting everything from this. Folks are super-greedy and our game is the best it's ever done financially, but I'm concerned with the amount of greed to distort and change it, to make more and bigger power conferences."


• "(There are too many) commissioner- and president-driven decisions that put basketball in the hands of football-centric decision-makers more than ever. (You have to) run your program with a front office/coaching mix, in that order, and you'll be able to compete. (You have to) get one or two administrative people that have a genuine seat at the school's decision-making and priority table -- and then you have a chance. Without that, you'll be run over by football decisions and entitled boosters."
• "No direction or leadership. We need a college basketball leader that sits and works with the head of the NCAA. Also got to start thinking of college basketball without football. Might not be a bad thing. Proactive, not reactive."
• "We are the only sports entity where every day is free agency."
• "Initial meetings with kids now, it used to be about, 'Am I going to start, how much playing time am I going to get?' Now that's the last thing on the list. The portal, that whole thing is a disaster. Tampering is a disaster. These things are good for the student-athlete, but the ideal and what it's supposed to be is all great, but that's not what's happening right now. How do you build rosters, teach lessons, fight through adversity?"
• "Every rule has taken control away from the coach and given it to the teenagers. Every new rule is anti-program building but pro-individualistic. The coach has less control over his program than ever before."
• "NIL combined with transfer portal combined with Overtime Elite and the G League Ignite combined with conference realignment (because of football and TV revenue) combined with a lack of leadership in NCAA makes for very unstable ground. If you don't know where you want to go, any road will get you there. Feels like we don't know where we want to end up with all of this."
• "We don't have great leadership from the NCAA and need a strong personality with great knowledge about the college basketball landscape to provide guidance at a pivotal time."
• "The transfer portal is the least of my concerns. I wouldn't say that if I was at a mid-major. But NIL is the biggest. To boil it all down, every organization and every entity comes down to leadership. We have a leadership vacuum at the NCAA level. I think we've got good leadership at the NABC level. I think Craig Robinson's doing as good of a job as he can do. We need absolute autonomy as a sport and we have to figure out what's best for our sport as a whole. ... The problem basketball coaches run into: the presidents want men's basketball to be treated just like every other sport and we're not like every other sport. We're different than field hockey, baseball, lacrosse. I think every sport should be given that autonomy to some degree."

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