Can't Wait to Watch Koi Perich


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Sep 12, 2009
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Great article in the Strib about Perich. Probably behind a paywall, but this was a fun part of it:

"If there was any doubt about those credentials for a kid from a northern Minnesota town with a population of 2,200, Perich erased them emphatically by earning MVP honors earlier this month at the All-American Bowl in San Antonio, which featured top players nationally. Perich's highlights included a diving interception in the end zone and a blocked punt. His performance might have surprised those in attendance or watching on TV, but not Perich himself.

"I think I'm one of the most athletic kids in the country," he said. "Not to be egotistical."

Hey, facts are facts. Perich's self-confidence is rooted in athleticism that bursts out of his 6-1, 200-pound body.

"I've just never seen a more explosive kid," Esko football coach Scott Arntson said. "It's not even another gear. It's something else."

Perich runs the 40-yard dash in 4.54 seconds and bench-presses 330 pounds. He started dunking a basketball in eighth grade and won a state title in the long jump as a sophomore.

He amassed 27 touchdowns in football as a senior in every way possible. He scored five defensive touchdowns, returned four punt/kickoff returns for touchdowns, rushed for 16 touchdowns, caught a touchdown pass and threw a touchdown pass.

Those who know him best agree on Perich's defining trait as an athlete.

"His competitiveness," his dad said.

"Definitely competitiveness," his brother said. "I remember me and him would throw fists over losing a game of 'NBA 2K.' "

Gophers coach P.J. Fleck got a clear view of that intense competitiveness while recruiting Perich, calling him "one of the most competitive high school players I've ever watched live."

Fleck saw something else when he watched Perich live. While returning an interception, Perich spotted Fleck standing on the sideline and pointed at him as he ran by him toward the end zone.

"If you're going to point at me, I'll take it, especially if you're going to stay committed to us," Fleck said. "That made it even better."

Great job by Fleck keeping this kid. I don’t know who I’ve been more excited about a hS kid from Minnesota committing and signing. These are the types of kids we have lost. He reminds me of a defensive Tim Dwight from Iowa. Freaky athlete.

Always hesitant about putting high expectations on a true freshman, but everything about this kid says he is going to be special.

Might not happen right away but won’t be surprised if he finds his way onto the field early in his career.

It has been said before, but if he can do for us something like what Cooper DeJean did for Iowa, that alone would be extremely valuable next season.

have a touchdown negated by giving an invalid fair catch signal?

seriously - Perich appears to be very talented. If he is legitimately good enough to start as a true FR, good for him. but I'm not going to demand that Perich has to be a day 1 starter. that's a big jump up in terms of the level of competition. so if Perich isn't an immediate star, let's try to cut him some slack.

I'm not sure if Mpls was talking about special teams - but if Perich can put some zip into KO return or Punt return, that would be a big benefit by itself. and the new Special Teams coordinator has a reputation for having aggressive return schemes.

(and yes, I suspect that he will be shown the DeJean tape to demonstrate what not to do on a punt return.....)

Hopefully he’ll be a lot better than our last few really highly rated MN recruits.

He doesn't need to start on D in Week 1, but dammit, put him on punt returns immediately.

The athleticism that powers this young athlete is a family tradition, passed from one Perich to the next. His grandfather Don competed in powerlifting competitions and still bench-pressed 405 pounds at age 71. Don, who turned 73 in early January, is hoping to hit that mark again after dipping to 385 last year

Check see if Grandpa has eligibility left also. That’s a badass septuagenarian.

He was just overrated by the recruiting services and not athletic enough to be a D1 QB.
Burns and Johnson hyped up Alipate so much it was obnoxious.

Compared to Mertz's Freshman year his other years have been a big disappointment.

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