Cambria Classic 2023

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Feb 3, 2010
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Just wanted to give roses to whoever books the Cambria Classic; Vandy and Ole Miss - nice pull! Hawaii would be a fun watch as well. I plan on going to a few games next weekend. Not expecting the Gophers to do much in this tough pool play that also features Nebraska and Maryland. Hope the Gophs can turn it around this season.

Yeah it's a good group of teams. Should be fun to watch. Seems like they're trying to rotate conferences each year.

In USB Stadium.....
2018: Pac12 (Arizona, Washington, UCLA)
2019: N/A (I think they had basketball and wouldn't let them play it)
2020: ACC (North Carolina, Duke, NC State)...incidentally this was the last set of games before COVID
2021: N/A (cancelled due to COVID)
2022: Big12/ACC (West Virgnia, Kansas, Notre Dame)
2023: SEC/Big West (Ole Miss, Vandy, Hawaii)

I'm curious if they'll go back to Pac12 next year.

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