Bryan Greenlee former Gopher Leads FAU to Sweet 16 err Final 8 err FINAL FOUR!!

Thiam and Thompson are the only two transfers I put on Ben due to neglect so far. Nobody thought Greenlee was good when he transferred. Very similar to thiam, the only time he got time as a freshman was not pretty so he got buried and then basically forgotten. I think TT could have been better if he had a consistent role off the bench, but that's just me. Instead, he got benched, buried, and has now transferred. We will see what kind of players they will become in the next one to two seasons.
I am with you, Ben is responsible for the team and transfers in/out starting with Thiam and Thompson.

I actually thought the Thiam transfer was odd when we didn't add additional wings. It's not that I thought he was good but I have never seen a roster constructed with such glaring holes. When Thiam transferred out, I assumed we had wings coming in.

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