Boston Red Sox Tim Wakefield passed away

Brain cancer I believe. RIP...too damn young.

Oh man this just sucks. Great respect for the young man. Much too early. Rest in Peace Mr Wakefield 🙏

Very sad, and it sounds like his wife is battling pancreatic cancer. No family should have to go through that at the same time. Godspeed to the Wakefield's.
I had no idea his wife is battling cancer too. Life can be so cruel at times

The premier knuckleballer of my era growing up. By all accounts a very down to earth man as well.

RIP Tim and condolences to the Wakefield family for the hell they have been through.

Remember when you would see him in a box score thinking he had retired years ago.

5 months later his wife passes away. I believe they have two teenage children. Just brutal.


both had cancer I believe. Brutal for the family, especially their kids.

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