Big Ten Coaching Rankings

Clearly this isn’t built on hope (Rockraven loves the hope factor) - it’s built on results / performance

If thats how you’re ranked after working so hard to achieve back to back last place finishes then journalism has really lost touch with Rock

i think he will be able to hang around long enough to make it to 18th

Sad that if you made this list every year for the last decade, the Gopher coach (Pitino or Johnson) would have ranked 14th in more than half those seasons.

If this is solely talking about coaching (and not recruiting which is somewhere between 40-60% of the job at college level depending on who you listen to) then Gaard is criminally underrated here. The last two B1G titles that he's won/shared have come with the weakest rosters I've ever seen. To have him below Howard is wild. Chris Collins getting a 2nd place finish out of Northwestern last season and still being 11th is crazy, but might be correct.

Big picture this just shows how incompetent the U decision makers were in this spot. To hire an assistant who has a track record of coaching under unsuccessful head coaches to join this group of 12/13 is just incrompehensible. You have guys like Hoiberg and Holtmann in the clear bottom half of that group with at least 4 tournament appearances and a Sweet 16 on their respective resumes.

This list starts strong and then goes wonky. One thing it gets right is the bottom. Here’s how I see it:

1. Izzo
2. Painter
3. Pikiell - very underrated
4. McCaffery
5. Gard
6. Underwood - he should do more with what he has.
7. Willard - same here
8. Chris Collins - I think he is an awesome coach
9. Woodson
10. Holtman - lost to Goohers at home! Jk
11. Juwan Howard - can’t believe he’s still there.
12. Rhoades
13. Hoiberg- should have stayed in Ames.

Grand Canyon

14. Johnson

Maybe, with this lineup, we can see what CBJ can do with a more competitive team. But that was supposed to be last year too and that was a dumpster fire.

If it quacks like a duck….

It is possible to want Ben to succeed but also be of the opinion that he's just not qualified yet for a P5 coaching job. I hope he proves me wrong!
I know l, but I’m here to fill the 🪨 void.

Think of me as the pebble, occasionally annoying, but basically harmless.

When you actually line up the resumes of Johnson vs the others on that list, it really is depressing. Not a shot at him directly but seems like a really tall order for him to compete at this level.
I’d like to take a crack at it someday.

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