Besides Pig what should we parade around with when the Gophers Win


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Nov 20, 2008
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Since these Iowa Doofuses seem so proud of the goal post incident and trying to take them out revolving doors. Besides rescuing Floyd what should we take from the Hawkeyes.

A. Herky the Hawkeye head, like the one a Gopher band member cracked open.(Hope we never paid them back for that)

B. I-O-W-A flags I propose taking the O and W to turn into tents or donate to charity

C. An Iowa female fan's pair of brand new "Choppers". or one of there 3 teeth left that are good.

D. Have the Gopher band play in heaven there is no beer to insult the hawks.

E. Chant 35 South and warm up the bus.

Erin Andrews that will get them rilled up

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