Badgers buy 3 billboards by Target Center to highlight Twin City Badgers

Not a "takeover," Scooter.

Well, you DO need to go somewhere to find a job.

Three of those things are not like the others ….

They probably should have hired someone who understood the market a little better. I don't think the typical kid who will see the signs of Brad Davison and Nate Reuvers in DT Mpls is going to feel like those signs talk to him.

They probably should have put these up near the Raising Cane's and Jo Anne's Fabric off 35 in Lakeville.
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Ignore em, why give the scums attention? In addition I would hope that the current players feel kind of dumb about it. While they may have chosen Wisconsin, but I don't think they approve of putting billboards up like this.


I doubt they even see this as a “troll”. It’s an obvious thing for them to do. Nobody would think twice if these went up in Chicago.

Just because wisportsheroics calls it a troll, doesn't make it a troll.

It's advertising.
And just because someone on GopherHole says it isn't a troll doesn't mean that it's not. Do you know anyone in the athletic department there? Ask them. They delight in the trolling part of it and have back to the "Minnesota is in state recruiting" days. It's not the only reason that they do it, but they do love that aspect of it.

It was a troll but who cares? That's part of what makes college sports fun.

Any trolling the skunks do will always be a weak effort when compared to the top-notch, best-ever troll job:

Playing “Jump Around” at Huntington Bank Stadium after beating them.

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