B1G Match 9: Gophers Host Rutgers (10-20-23)

Ignatius L Hoops

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Sep 9, 2015
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The Scarlet Knights (1-7) carry one Big Ten win into Friday night’s match with the Gophers (4-4). It was, we need no reminding, a victory in Piscataway over Minnesota.

Rutgers Losses: @ Penn State 0-3, Purdue 0-3, Maryland 1-3, @ Michigan State 1=3, Ohio State 1-3, @ Wisconsin 0-3, @ Illinois 1-3

Rutgers Wins: Minnesota 3-1

Good win. Revenge. The third set showed how well they can play when they are relaxed and not feeling pressure. If they can control their nerves and not dwell on missed shots, they can play very well.

Nice and tidy second and third sets. It seemed Julia Hanson didn't figure into the Scarlet Knight defensive schemes-hitting or receiving. It was a solid night all around for Hanson

A big "W" for the Gopher Voleyball team last night. I will take it while I can. I am expecting a much tougher game vs. Michigan State tomorrow.

Right now I am probably not the only one who would like to see more of Z on the court. Some games she is moving all around that court covering the back and last night not so much. I believe there were at least two balls that were hit pretty hard and landed in the front of her without her making any attempt to move and dig the ball. There is so much to take into consideration while developing her has a DS or starting Libero for this program. At this point in the season, I do not see how that has improved much at all.

So, would a player such as Z be better off developing next to a player like Murr or CC? In fact there is a good possibility that question could be asked for the entire team. Anybody that follows Gopher Volleyball sees the difference in these two players. Murr is all over the court and CC played more or less in a designated zone. IMO these games appear so chaotic and have become opposite of Hugh's approach.

Murr is an outstanding defender, but maybe just maybe she is not the right Libero for this team. Or, could this coaching staff take a little more out of Hugh's book and just shorten her leash. To me it just appears that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is suppose to do type volleyball. I am very happy they won...but it is really hard to watch.

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