B1G Match 7: Gophers Visit Michigan (10-11-23)

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Sep 9, 2015
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Next up are the 1-5 (in the B1G) Wolverines. Michigan split weekend home matches facing Northwestern on Friday and Nebraska on Saturday. They finished off Northwestern in four sets (25, -26, 23, 20) before being swept by the Huskers (27, 17, 14). Yes, Gophers beware, the Wolverines played strong first sets in both matches

"It's one day at a time, being where our feet are and working through our problems," senior setter Melani Shaffmaster said. "Any good team can face adversity like this; it's just our first time. ... We're all trying to figure it out together."

As MplsGopher has already stated, the last player representing our previous great middles was Pittman. KCook needs to get to that sooner than he probably wanted to. He will have to work that portal come December to the best of his ability for both positions, MB and DS/L. IMO it will be even more devastating should Awoleye not return next season.

I do not remember for sure, but I believe Wucherer in that last match vs Rutgers was relieved of most of her serving. She appeared more focused and engaged in the game as a result....anyway, that is my take on it.

I just wished he would decide on Z as a serving sub. If at all possible, we need her to get more comfortable in our matches moving forward. I actually prefer Z and McGhie as serving subs and keeping Grote as a 6R pin, but I am not a coach just a frustrated fan.

I wonder if we will see our third setter Ng or our Freshman OH/Opp Schnichels tonight? Think they are the only players left not to be subbed in by KCook or start at some point this season.

Davis can smash the ball, when she actually gets set and it’s a reasonable set.

McGhie did actually get her a couple like that vs Maryland. Don’t know what happened vs Rutgers but looks like from the “highlights” on YouTube that Schaff went back in set 3.

McGhie can’t block though, so we get abused when she’s front row. I don’t see why the same wouldn’t be true with Ng.

Schaff is a great blocker. It’s too bad she doesn’t have that same level of talent at setting.

Not sure what Schnichels can bring this season that isn’t already available off the bench with Crowl. She was hurt for a while.

A slow start in the first; but a cruise through the second and third, 26, 11, 16.

Wucherer with 10 kills (.500)
Grote 11 (.286)
Landfair 10 (.320)

One of the more positive games for this team this season all around.

Z subbed for Wucherer and had some nice service runs. Overall Wucherer was a much better player out on that court tonight. It is like a huge weight lifted off of her shoulders not having to serve.

Again, Hanson subbed in for Grote in the back and really had some great kills tonight.

Landfair having one of her better games of the season. She really came up with some big digs.

Shaff serving better tonight and connecting with the middles more.

The entire team came to play after that first set and it all came together. They should be very happy with their play as I was watching it.
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Going toe-to-toe with one of the worst teams in the league in set one was about right. Two teams well matched.

Woke up for the last two sets.

Yep, everything clicking much better when you aren’t playing a decent or better team.

Still on track for a 9th place conf finish and miss the tourny.

Michigan used to be a good team with a lot of natural advantages as a recruiting draw and now they suck. That could easily be us.

One of the problems I have with some Gophers fans is the sense of entitlement in thinking we will always be a top 3 Big Ten team. It’s just not the way it works for Minnesota. Sometimes we will be up, sometimes we will slip back to mediocrity; it’s the natural order of things. When I am at my best, I try to be accepting of that reality.

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