AP Top 25 2023-24

This week:

--Maryland falls out of the rankings after the bold back-to-back road games against South Carolina and UConn that turned out to be lopsided losses.

--UConn moves up two spots to #6 after beating Minnesota. Beating a better-than-expected Minnesota earned a boost in the polls – even if Minnesota made them look bad.

--Looming powerhouse of the Big Ten (next season) UCLA moved to #2. Drive up TV ratings with national super teams and then a tournament brings lots of people into the party.

--#4 Utah falls to #10 after losing to #21 Baylor.

--South Carolina continues to hold the #1 spot. South Carolina today destroyed an injury-depleted South Dakota State.



Women's BIG10 down to only three teams in the top 25. Seems like the BIG10 talent has dropped off from just two years ago. Gophers might be able to move up this season - new coach and not as competitive BIG10. Let's go.

Iowa, Ohio St and Indiana in the Top 25. Which one of those can we sneak up on and ambush?
I can't unsee the Long Island press against us making Ohio St the most worrisome to me.
Iowa is Caitlin Clark....maybe Coach P has a plan but Caitlin has seen and beaten most of them.
Leaves Indiana..."easiest" of the 3 for us sneak up on?

Colossal game tonight with big implications.



Colossal game tonight with big implications.

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That #2 ranking for UCLA is just a hint to what's coming.

Not one but three UCLA commits, still in high school, are named to the Naismith Trophy Girl's High School Player of the Year watch list -- to add to what they already have.


Coming to the Big Ten next season.


Just checking out tickets for UCLA games. Lower level seats are $13 and $11.

They also give free admission to anyone 18 or under.


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UConn Falls!

Dynasty Ends, LA Super Group Begins


Love it ! They still have a lot of talent even with A. Fudd being out for the season.

UConn Falls!

Dynasty Ends, LA Super Group Begins

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I kind of figured UCLA would win. I figured that it would be a little closer but UConn without size and extra snipers (Azzi or Caroline) makes winning a little harder. Congrats to UCLA and Coach Close. Huge congrats to Kiki Rice. She had a monster game.

Maryland is the shocker for me. It is Maryland and they have been pretty solid for two decades. Not seeing them among the Top 25 teams is a little shocking.

South Carolina [there is not a word for it, annihilates?] Mississippi Valley State by 82 points. 101-19. It's like two Uconn rosters on one team.

I think the goal with most other teams, then, is to get in the NCAA tournament -- a nice accomplishment in itself -- while avoiding #1 seeds in the first round as beyond hopeless.

This week Penn State received 16 votes, not in the poll but gaining attention

Maryland received 3 votes.

Illinois disappeared.

USC up to #6.

So Minnesota's move is to fight for one of the last half dozen NCAA tournament spots at the expense of Nebraska and Michigan State, maybe even Michigan.


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Powell looked good today starting @ PG for the Vols. ND came from behind after a horrendous FG % to win this one in the ACC/ SEC challenge.

Watched Utsby play against Johnson 2nite. Utsby had a great game n NC lead most of the way but SC came back for the W.

Wow. That is the first time I've ever seen us ahead of MD in womens basketball.

South Carolina coach Dawn Staley takes high road, scolds team for trash talk, getting sucked into scuffles.

"Just being able to handle the moment in the way that we need to handle the moment [is important]," Staley told reporters Tuesday via WACH FOX. "None of the extra stuff that went on. That's just not characteristic of our team. So we addressed it; we'll move on."


South Carolina coach Dawn Staley takes high road, scolds team for trash talk, getting sucked into scuffles.

"Just being able to handle the moment in the way that we need to handle the moment [is important]," Staley told reporters Tuesday via WACH FOX. "None of the extra stuff that went on. That's just not characteristic of our team. So we addressed it; we'll move on."

Glad to see DS calling out the taunting n trash talk.

Dawn Staley on starting lineup: Cardoso, Johnson ‘broke team rule’
Emma Hruby
December 7, 2023


(Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)

"South Carolina dominated Morgan State on Wednesday night, but did so with a different starting lineup than previous games.

Both Kamilla Cardoso and Raven Johnson started from the bench in favor of Sakima Walker (in place of Cardoso) and freshman guard Tessa Johnson (in place of Raven Johnson).

Following the game, head coach Dawn Staley gave insight into the decision, noting that both had broken a team rule.
“They broke a team rule. They took it on the chin, we kept it moving, we’re good,” she said. “Nothing long-lasting.”

Ultimately, Staley said she “liked” putting out a different starting lineup, as it allowed for some different looks. Tessa Johnson finished with 16 points, while both Johnson and Cardoso finished in double-digits off the bench."

Conveniently, it was an easier game for laying down the law.

Nice game by McDonald's All-American Tessa Johnson of St. Michael-Albertville, MN. The Gophers were one of her final teams.


South Carolina’s Dawn Staley Draws on Past Women’s Basketball Coaching Greats to Explain Scheduling Mid-Majors

"The reason we continue to play them is because when I was at Temple, we couldn't get a top team to play us besides Rutgers and Tennessee. Those were the only two (teams) that would give us an opportunity because it would hurt them more than it hurt us," Staley said.

"I'll always remember what coach Vivian Stringer and coach Pat Summitt did for us in giving us an opportunity to measure ourselves against some of the best."


Texas moved to #5 in the AP Top 25 ranking with a victory over UConn.

6-4 post forward Taylor Jones (16.2 points per game, 7.5 rebounds, .716 FG shooting -- with zero 3 pointers), guard Rori Harmon (13.8 points, 5.3 rebounds, 7.4 assists, 3.2 steals pg), and 6-1 forward Madison Booker (11.4 pts per game, .348 3-point shooting) lead the team.


Gophers received 2 votes! This has to be the first time since 2019 that they’ve received votes if my memory serves me correctly.

#19 Marquette is interesting. They look headed for solid positioning in the NCAA Tournament. It's still early. Last week they were #19 in the poll. Then this week they beat #20 Creighton.

To show how much the world of basketball has changed, they play #17 UConn in a couple weeks and ranked about the same.

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The USC Trojans Women's Basketball team got a surprise in the form of new Kobe Bryant sneakers

Rayah Marshall

USC Coach Lindsay Gottlieb:

"Ju said this is a press conference the other day. 'Women's basketball is at an incredible spot.' Like there's so much cool stuff going on. And I think a lot of times about the people who cared about it before it was the thing. And you all know who've been around here. Kobe cared about it before it was the cool thing to care about women's basketball... I think one of his legacies is that, yes, women's basketball matters, girls' basketball matters. And so Vanessa and their family have done an incredible job of saying, 'How do we keep this going,' and doing these incredible things in Gigi's memory and Kobe's memory for women's basketball."

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#7 LSU's Flau'jae Johnson performs on stage.

"Johnson is no stranger to performing with big names after previously having performed at LeBron James' UNINTERRUPTED party this summer, after LSU won the NCAA Championship in April.

She was named the 2023 SEC Freshman of the Year and is currently averaging 11.3 points and seven rebounds in 25.5 minutes per game."
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