Any Audio Fanatics Out There?


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Feb 2, 2009
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Bit the bullet and shelled out the cash for a JDS Element II. I've been using a JDS Atom as my headphone amp when I'm not using my Fiio M11 Plus. The Atom is a really great amp.....but I like the extra power and the integrated DAC of the Element. Bought the Sennheiser HD6xx cans as well. Hopefully they are a little easier to drive than my HIFIMAN HE4xx phones.

Didn't even realize that the Sennheisers had such a high impendence (300ohm). Fortunately the Element is more than powerful enough to drive basically any pair of headphones. Absolutely rules. Figure I'll grab a TRRS balanced cable for use with my Fiio M11 Plus in order to get a little extra output.

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