Am I Off Base? Because Trevor Worrys Me


Nov 20, 2008
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Last night Trevor had 3 traveling violations. Two of which would have been comical if he wasn't playing college basketball. To me, for all his abilities, he seems to lack some basic instincts for the game that most kids develop early in their training. He was actually hoping up and down. You must establish a pivot foot and keep it planted.

I like him for what he does so well out there. But, this is a problem that can cost a team games. When he handles the ball, I worry.

I would say your worries are legitimate, but in the end he still offers more positives than negatives to this team.

This is where we find ou just how good a coach the Tubbster is. Mbakwe's fundamentals and perimeter defense are basics. I fully expect that Tubby will have these things straightened out quickly.

By the time conference play starts teams have had a chance to scout and better game plan the opponents, especialy new players. If I were to defend Trevor I would make him put the ball on the floor and try to 'get under his skin'.

I thought one of the travels was questionable, but the point is well taken. That's why Mo is refreshing in contrast. He's so fundamentally sound and has such a feel for the game.

I hear you, but I wouldn't "worry" about Trevor. He is who he is ... and that is a guy who is going to rebound and be a man inside. I agree that there are some fundamentals that are lacking but if there weren't he probably would be playing in a higher league right now. One issue I've had on this board are the unrealistic expectations and predictions of greatness for him. I think he's going to be a very very good player for us but he's got a ways to go to make it at the next level imo.

I worry more about Trevor's self control. He could have been called for 2 technical fouls against SDSU. He needs to control his emotions.

"But, this is a problem that can cost a team games."

Really? You think he's going to have enough traveling calls on him to cost us games? I guess we should bench the double double machine because he might cost us games by traveling.

"Am I Off Base? Because Trevor Worrys Me"

Trevor is the least of our worries. You're looking for something to complain about.

I'd be worried about him hacking the opponent 5 times, causing him to be on the bench.......he wouldn't travel on the bench, but I still see this as a bigger worry.

One bad game and people act like they want Tollackson back. Good grief.

Part of the problem with Trevor against SDSU was his strength. When he leaned on a defender the guy moved. Guys in the B10 wont move, which allows him to get a feel for the defender and he can use his strength. Also, his fouls will go down dramatically playing in the always physical B10. He is so big, strong and athletic that going against inferior opponents sometimes causes him to pick up a dumb foul, or two, or three..

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