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Ogee Ogilthorpe

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Nov 20, 2008
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Always up for hearing about something good to listen to in order to pass the time whether it's while driving or working out or whenever. A few that I like;

- The GM Shuffle (with Michael Lombardi) - usually a really good listen with good insight from the former NFL GM
- 3 and Out (with John Middlekauff) - A branch off Cowherd's umbrella, John is entertaining, worked in the Eagles organization, a good listen for me (he also has a golf gambling podcast called "Go Low" which isn't bad if you're a hardcore golfer
- Move The Sticks (with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks) - both have spent time in NFL league offices, pretty good insight
- Locked On - The Locked On podcasts (for each NFL team and a few general ones) are fairly decent, maybe not great. The Vikings one is decent, that guy has some decent information usually
- 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe (Brady Quinn, Lavarr Arrington and Jonah Knox) - these guys are super entertaining, funny, and have a ton of great inside NFL insight. Arrington is fantastic, as is Brady Quinn, I'd highly recommend

Who has listened to Pat McAfee podcast? I never have, but I've heard nothing but good things about it and he sure does get a lot of good guests and good interviews. I'm curious who has listened to his show at any length.

For Vikings, Skor North is just plain unlistenable, those idiots are horrendous. Purple Insider, I have listened to a few times but I didn't find it all that worth tuning in either.

Fallen out of favor; Used to love Cowherd but just don't find him that entertaining anymore. His sidekick Joy Taylor was really good early on but has worn thin as well. Cowherd's move to LA from the NE has definitely impacted his content. Used to like Around The NFL but after a while they kind of wore on me as well

Really good article here in The Athletic about how Pat McAfee started out and became the media giant he is today in a few short years.

How Pat McAfee Went From Colts Punter to Media Superstardom

I don't listen every day by any stretch but I try to catch a few segments in a given week, he has a really entertaining show and has really fantastic guests.

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