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Yes I think he has been good so far. And gaining weight and getting stronger.

Klassen is at 99 mph, but I would think he will be held to a pitch count due to his year of injury.
Perry is showing he can hit!
Looks like Massey is back in form.
Maldonado and Semb looking good.
I expect a much improved team.

George Klassen hitting 100!
Perry working at catcher for depth.
Malec looking good.
Hitting coming around.
Getting pumped for Friday.

Go to Minnesota Baseball site. Pick first game. Click on watch. Go to CUSA site and for $12 for the month u can watch all 4 first games.

Great start, boys. Up 8-1 thru 6. 6 extra base hits. Ireland with 5 strong innings. The walks are a little concerning but they didn't haunt him today. Let's finish now!

Solid way to start the season. Hopefully a sign of good things to come.

Really solid performance. Would like to see Sam Ireland a little sharper, seemed a little amped up which caused some struggles with command at times. Liked what Seth Clausen brought, should have a solid role this season. FAU is supposed to be a really good offensive team so encouraging to see the pitching do what they did tonight.
Offense seemed like a much more typical performance we have seen from Gopher teams. Tougher at bats making pitchers work and looking to do damage when you swing the bat rather than just swinging at a pitch.
Looking forward to see if they can back it up tomorrow and Maldonado's debut on the mound.

How are you guys watching this? What channel, app, service?

I'm in Louisiana, so I don't get the local channels.

Nice first win. I saw Reusse tweet that we beat Florida and I was like “whoa!”. How good is FAU?

FAU is usually no slouch either. They haven't finished below .500 since 1998 and 11 NCAA appearances since 2000.

Maldonado and Malec today? I like the look of this team. But Hunter Cooley is much better than what we saw from FAU last night.

Nice first win. I saw Reusse tweet that we beat Florida and I was like “whoa!”. How good is FAU?
They were picked 5th in CUSA preseason from with the 4 ahead of them being projected regional teams. Supposed to be a really good offensive team but have questions on the mound after really struggling there last season.

Owls take game 2. Liked what I saw from Maldonado too bad the rain shortened his outing. Malec settled in after looking like a ball of nerves in his debut inning. A little surprised to see Rooney's number called but he brings something different, just really payed for a couple mistakes.
Offense was non-existent today. Lot of weak contact and easy ABs. That is the type of pitcher it seems like Minnesota teams have historically struggled against. Intrigued to see JP Massey on the mound tomorrow, hoping to see him attack the zone and be aggressive.

Couple big innings from FAU and a couple huge errors from the Gophers lead to the loss today. Two and I'd argue should've went down as 3 errors from Boston Merila led to 7 runs. I'd guess we see a new face in at 2nd tomorrow.
Homeruns from Wilhite and Stanke back to back in the 1st. Just missing homeruns were Bork and Counsell later in the game. Missed opportunities to tack on runs in the early innings with some unacceptable ABs with runners on 3rd less than 2 outs. Thought Massey's control was a lot better than last season. Holetz definitely struggled some, didn't respond well to the really bad Merila error that would've kept you tied and out of the inning. Culliver with a couple scoreless innings but I don't think he will have a huge role. Skoro gets the final out.
Would think we see Liffrig tomorrow and Schoeberl start on Wednesday. Klassen probably figures in there somewhere as well likely pitching a 1st inning and then turning it over to one of the aforementioned two guys.

Get the win today, split the series and all will be well.

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