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Highlights on demand anytime/anyplace essentially killed the allure of SportsCenter, but hardly a day went by from the mid 80s to early 00s, than I didn't catch some or all of an airing.

100%. My tv was essentially on ESPN most of the time in the background as I moved around the house and did various things, before they went off the rails. The fall of ESPN and their descent into the toilet has been deeply disappointing. Now I leave the tv on the NFL Network.

How great was Kenny Mayne on some of those SportsCenter segments? Just incredible. I'll never forget one time when he must have been doing a highlight on the Olympics, involving the Chinese national team and without missing a beat he said (paraphrasing here, memory eroding), "the only problem with watching Chinese basketball highlights is that 30 minutes later you're going to want to watch more Chinese basketball". And he just kept right on moving along

Berman's nicknames were pretty good. Stuart Scott of course.

How were you out rebounded by Yale?

I didn't connect when I posted this that it's current Timberwolf, Taurean Prince. Tonight, he had 5 of those whatchamacallits including a big one late to go along with his 35 pts in a nice win over the Knicks.

This is an oldie, but it never gets old.


I think we can all relate to George Foreman's struggle going from a young girl on the brink of puberty and sexual development to a giant bruiser battling Muhammed Ali and cookware entrepreneur.


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