All Things 2024 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

The home plate umpire today is awful. He should never be allowed to umpire ever again. And he is better than Mn hitters.

Maybe ownership knew that the offense was going to be a steaming pile of dogshit, and that's why they cut payroll.

If it wasn’t for the questionable triple by Kirilloff, they’d be getting no hit right now

Would the Twins ever consider cutting 20 more million and giving it to the Gophers for NIL?

I was concerned in Ft. Myers. Didn't hit then. Still not hitting. Just so many bad at bats! Just look over-matched so often.
If I remember correctly they hit pretty badly early last year too. Like Morneau said today, you can accept the strikeout more if you’re also driving the ball a lot. The Twins are not.

At what point do you make the hitting coaches scapegoats?
Since they set the record for whiffs last year, I am not sure what it will take. Looks like they are going to make a run at it again this season.

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