A Dapper Punishment

"On December 19, 2022, Jones signed with the Massachusetts Pirates of the Indoor Football League (IFL). On March 17, 2023, it was reported Jones had refused to report to practice for the Pirates. The Pirates announced they would be moving forward with re-signed quarterback Alejandro Bennifield. He was released on August 28, 2023."

His last job that didn't involve "Do you want fries with that?"
Huh? Did I miss something?

Cardale Jones pokes fun at school tweet with funny cap at Ohio State graduation

Cardale Jones - from playing school to graduating from Ohio State - got it right: Doug Lesmerises

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carda... 19, 2022, Jones,Indoor Football League (IFL).

Edison High School is on 22nd and Monroe in NE Mpls and had lots of ESL students over the years. I think the next closest MPS High School would be North?
This was JR High. Webster. The big ones near me were NE and Sanford.. I consider myself lucky. Webster was not really rough.

Not sure who the other ESL jr highs were then.

Have to admit went through all the posts.

Where my mind went was the cluster year that ultimately resulted in PJ getting hired.

I had my issues at the time with how the new AD handled things with the exiting coach, but had an open mind on the new HC and what he might bring.

So far no clusters or even mini-clusters as best I can reckon under the current regime other than some nothing-burger grumbling from folks who did not cut the change. This is a good thing.

As for wearing suits to class...maybe 40, 30, and even 20 years ago might not be even noticed beyond a certain point. Nowadays I'm certain this does not happen, except maybe for this exact reason.

Therefore I think it makes a great point with our student athletes as to the role they play as a UM football player. They may not always be required to wear a suit (and what that might convey), but they should always act like they do...including in going to class.

The sanction is approved. Ski U Mah.

Wearing a suit to class, small potatoes. As basketball captain my senior year i was handed the scissors to cut our point guards hair prior to a playoff game. The coach wasn’t going to have long hair on his court. Old school

When I was younger I had to coach 7th grade basketball. One kid got in trouble in class. I made him sit in the bleachers and watch the rest of the team run. Not sure if it was the right thing to do or not, but the message was sent by the rest of the team to have that kid behave in class.
I was at a hockey practice in middle school when a guy was dogging it at practice. Coach made him sir in the middle of the ice while he had the rest of the team run wind sprints around him. Then, when we were all out of gas, he had us say to the lazy guy, in unison, "thank you very much Mr. ____"

After practice, he talked about the lesson. He pointed out that hockey is a team sport, so if one guy isn't working hard in a game, he's basically leaning on everyone else to do more to pull his weight. So, if that sane guy is lazy in practice, hes going to draw a circle around that idea by making everyone else effectively do his hustling for him.

I know people have different thoughts about that kind of coaching, but the lesson sank in (and i remember it to this day), and one of my top goals in any job/team/organization I'm a part of is I want to be one of the guys who is doing his part to pick up his teammates, not one of the guys making other people carry my weight.

Especially for linemen. Trying to find a collar size that fits can be challenging. Ties are like tourniquets for the neck. Obviously not a good idea to have a tourniquet around the neck.

All jokes aside yeah there is some evidence tight neckties/collars can increase intraocular pressure and impair intracranial blood flow. Perhaps causally linked to PJs short-lived doppelgänger appearance, or fourth down decisions. J/k, settle down. But, maybe…ha

Whoever birthed this awful attire or for what sadistic or autocratic reasons, I don’t know. I’m not a clothing historian. It looks good, yep. Every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man.

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Kill did the heavy lifting of boosting the team APR.

Fleck just kept that going.

Pretty light as a punishment. The key here is that if only the player skipping class gets any discipline.....the message isn't made to the rest of the team. Fleck expects the guys on the team to keep one another accountable....and if one guy isn't doing his job....it cascades down to everyone else.
This is the correct answer, you have to be accountable to your teammates.

High standards makes everyone better; teams, students, employees, society. Win Win for everyone. Keep up the great work PJ all true Gopher football fans support you.

Academics are a game that most students understand how to play. I easily held a very strong GPA and missed class strategically based on the demands of the course.
What was your major?

Were you a D1 athlete as well? These guys are not your average students and for some guys, football is the only reason they are getting this chance to go to a university like MN to begin with. I just think it might be harder for some people than others.

To me it creates this "we're in this together" mentality. Instead of having one guy on the team skipping class all the time because he can still manage a C while another guy not being able to do the same.

I was not a d1 athlete. I appreciate that we can't all agree all the time.

I was not a d1 athlete. I appreciate that we can't all agree all the time.
It’s fine to disagree. I just think comparing your experience and situation to theirs is a bit apples to oranges.

Hilarious thread. It's definitely the off season. The funniest part is the shit birds that think any kind of team discipline is the worst thing of all times.
Can I borrow your shit birds reference?

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