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Brenda Frese must have a Minnesota mindset right now...Ode, Oehrlein, and Mack all received offers from Maryland in the last 24 hours (Mack and Ode are Fury teammates).

Brenda Frese must have a Minnesota mindset right now...Ode, Oehrlein, and Mack all received offers from Maryland in the last 24 hours (Mack and Ode are Fury teammates).


And Maryland is a badge of quality for the recruits, being able to show that. Everyone knows Maryland gets to select top talent and wins. The downside is good players sometimes find they don't play.

Minnesota is a great place to play and will be a strong program.

Minnesota can now today boast that all five potential starters were ranked in the top 100 by ESPN HoopGurlz.

SF Grace Grocholski, top 100.

PF Mallory Heyer, top 100.

SG Mara Braun, top 100

PG Amaya Battle, top 100

C Sophie Hart, top 100

That is ESPN HoopGurlz only.

Still lots of other minutes to earn, including the 6th in. Grocholski is a freshman too.


2025 is a good year for elite players to come to Minnesota. As a freshman they would get the Fab Four in their senior year.

Did the Ode offer from Minnesota come recently? I thought that came from Whalen and not the current coach, so I sorta doubt how valid and/or recent all those are.

When I saw that post I wondered if she posted that to try to raise her stock because she doesn't seem to have any offers from any basketball powerhouses (someone correct me if I am wrong...I am not super familiar with the WBB college landscape beyond the big hitters and a few select schools). I suspect she thinks she's Top 10 program material, but in seeing her play several times, I just don't think she's at that level.
Jordan Ode Highlights
Maybe you saw her on a bad day. I have only seen a couple videos but disagree on that basis.
Brenda and Maryland offered today as well.

Divine Bourrage​

ESPN HoopGurlz No. 9
Point guard
Davenport North (IA) | All Iowa Attack

To watch Bourrage play is to watch an excellent display of the transition attack in basketball. When the ball is outlet to her, whether make or miss, she smoothly and quickly advances the ball up the floor with minimal dribbles. There were numerous examples of her getting to the paint after an opponent made basket before 4-5 seconds had come off the shot clock.

Bourrage is an extremely skilled big guard who rebounds the ball skillfully. She is shifty with her handle and uses her body well at the rim and even in post-up situations. She can score the ball from all three levels and since she added the major improvement from the 3-point line this year (it hovered around 15% last year on the 16U level only to improve to 50% this year on the 17U level), she is very hard to guard as a single defender, especially in transition. This opens things up for her to create for teammates as defenses have to commit a couple of bodies to her to slow down the ball. She helped take her squad to the EYBL championship game by averaging 10.9 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 4.3 assists. She had a very strong showing in that game going 4-for-4 from the 3 and scoring 21 points.

Defensively, she uses her big frame to disrupt the opposing team's point guard and rebound to ignite the fast break.

Bourrage is good without the ball in her hands as well as she understands the timing and execution of cuts and execution of sets. Her recruitment is all over the map and includes: Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Iowa State, Iowa, Ohio State, Rutgers, Georgia, Indiana, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Utah, Nebraska, Michigan State, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kansas State, Baylor, Minnesota, and North Carolina State.

Interesting that they have her listed as AIA since it looks like she left the club. Yesterday AIA posted about their 2025 and 2026 nationally ranked players and today they have a video introducing their 17U EYBL team and she wasn't in either, though surprisingly, it looks like North Tartan lost Aaliyah Crump and Della Lamb out of Missouri lost Addison Bjorn to AIA, which seems to be turning itself into the Midwest destination club for super elite players. Just shows the AAU transfer portal is alive and well! Now we'll just see if Coach P can form a relationship with AIA and get some of that talent here in the years to come.


2025 guard Rainey Welson (#52 ESPN HoopGurlz) from Hortonville H.S., Wisconsin (North Tartan) is following Minnesota, Wisconsin, Green Bay, and Marquette on X (Twitter).

Hudl lists Welson as a SG and a PG. Videos suggests more of a shooting guard able to hit 3's, steal, and block shots.

Rainey Welson scores 41 points in sectional final.


2025 guard Tori Schlagel from North Tartan and Eden Prairie has committed to South Dakota. Not surprising since she was born there and her family is from there.

And I didn't see this update in the thread: Bree Bowman, a tall, lean 2025 forward from Prior Lake who previously played for North Tartan but is moving to the Metro Stars next season is committed to Colorado State.


Jordan Ode commits to Michigan State. For those that know her game, is this a Gopher loss?
Besides Aaliyah Crump, she's the only 2025 in Minnesota ranked by ESPN. She's ranked #3 in the state by Prep Girls Hoops and #2 by Jr. All Star. She just got back from Wooten 150. She is a great shooter...I think I saw her hit 7 in a game once. That being said, she doesn't seem to be much of a team player and I think learning to use her teammates more is an area of growth for her. Her AAU team has never made it to the state championship despite being stacked with talent (including having Addi Mack, who is also top 3 per Prep Girls Hoops and Jr. All Star and Autumn McCall, who committed to St Thomas very early this year) and I don't believe her high school team has made it to the state tournament, either (they were upset by Roseville in the section final last spring). She had posted awhile back that she had 20 offers, including Michigan State, so clearly the talent is there, but I'm not that upset about this. A little surprised she picked Michigan State of the offers she had, but maybe since they have a brand new coach they're rebuilding and she'll get significant playing time immediately. Pure speculation...I don't know anything about Michigan State's program.

If it is a loss or not to the Gophers I'll go with a to be determined. I wouldn't say this is anywhere near a ring the alarm level recruiting miss. Ode is a talented player for sure and would have been a solid addition. However, as stated 2025 class is limited for the gophers as they will likely only have 1-2 open scholarships barring transfers. Michigan State also likely will have more available minutes at the guard position for Ode than the Gophers would have, at least in the first season.

If you looking at comparisons for class rankings, the MN 2025 class is weaker than other classes. She is #2 in 2025 behind Crump however if Kendall McGee didn't get injured, Ode may have been #3.

For clarification, if Ode was in the 2022 class, likely would have been #7 or #8. 2023 class would have been #5. 2024 class likely #4 or #5 for sure behind Olson, McGill, and Gophers Tori McKinney.

This all but confirms Gophers are unlikely to get a kid from the 2025 class in-state as Crump and Ode were the main two they were going after. That doesn't mean it can't change but as previously stated, the 2026 in-state class if the can't miss class in terms of talent as well as needing to replace Heyer, Braun, Battle and Hart.

Well, it looks like Minnesota may have some interest in recruiting from the Class of 2025 after all. Hadley Thul is a tall guard from Alexandria. Had played for North Tartan for the last couple of years and started for them in the USAB 10th grade US Open event this summer. I think she's a bit of a late bloomer who is really coming into her own. I remember seeing her play when she wasn't that tall and she was a good player then, with the height she has now she's got a high ceiling. Would be excited about this.


I saw that this morning. I will point out it doesn't however say anything about getting an official offer. Now that doesn't mean she doesn't have one, it's just something to note.

Hadley and Sam Wills are other 2025s they have had on campus but I don't see anything confirming either have an official offer. Once again, doesn't mean they don't just nothing publicly confirming if they do.

Here are the other publicly known 2025 offers

Divine Bourrage, 6’0 G, Davenport North HS (IA) (ESPN Super 60-#9)

Madison Francis, 6’2 W, Lancaster Central HS (NY) (ESPN Super 60- #14)

Makena Christian, 6’0 PF, Hartford HS (WI) (ESPN Super 60- #38) Reportedly down to a final two that includes gophers

Once again, with current roster and 2024 commits, they would have 2 available scholarships for the 2025 class.

Looking at the current roster and commits for next year, I would think that they’re going to try to get a few more tall power forwards or center type players from the class of 25 or 26, to backfill for those that will be graduating. You can’t successfully run a team with all guards, although I know some coaches have tried. With the expansion of the big 10 conference, we will need not just height but strength inside.

Here are the 2025 uncommitted top recruits in upper Midwest states per Prep Girls Hoops, at this point:







I’m pretty sure Brooke Jensen from Vermillion is committed to Augustana. D2.

Decided to put this here since Aaliyah Crump is the only Minnesotan on this list whose recruitment is still open. She was named to the Naismith Trophy High School Watchlist.

The other two named were Liv McGill and Olivia Olson. I thought it was interesting that none of the three named to this list attend their community high school. Olson is at a private school and McGill and Crump both open enroll to the schools where they play.

Top Class of 2025 Minnetonka forward Aaliyah Crump signed a Name Image Likeness deal with New Balance, becoming the first high school athlete to do so. Klutch Athletics, led by Rich Paul, helped negotiate the agreement.

Crump won a gold medal with the USA Basketball Women’s U16 National Team at the 2023 FIBA Women’s U16 Americas Championship in the summer, and is ranked No. 6 in the U.S. in the espnW Rankings Class of 2025. Every major college program is interested.

We spoke with Crump, teammate Tori McKinney, and coach Brian Cosgriff about the NIL opportunity, the Skippers’ hot start to the season, and a lot more.

Any updates if Crump is considering the Gophers?

I’ve like Welson I watched her section championship game and I think she is the real deal.

Did the Gophers offer Mack with the new staff?

Jaiden Haile from Fargo has an offer from Iowa State and Utah. Does anyone know if the Gopgers have any interest in her? Just thinking they need posts.
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I watched the interview on the post above, Crump is very tight lipped at this point. Hopefully the recent win over Michigan and upward trajectory of this program gets her excited. I Like the fact that Cosgrove said Minnesota hit a home run with Coach Plitzuweit which is very evident !

I watched the interview on the post above, Crump is very tight lipped at this point. Hopefully the recent win over Michigan and upward trajectory of this program gets her excited. I Like the fact that Cosgrove said Minnesota hit a home run with Coach Plitzuweit which is very evident !
What I don’t like is Coach Cosgrove never seems to want girls to be Gophers. The one time I spoke to him….i got the impression he wanted his athletes to go “bigger” (UConn, SC….)

This is a nice Aaliyah Crump highlight video from Minnetonka's game against Providence Academy. I think that game really showed her next-level talent and how there really isn't a player in Minnesota who can compete with her talent right now, even though we have a lot of talented players. She really is an elite player and has developed a lot in the last year. I think Minnesota has zero chance at recruiting her, but it's nice to dream!

2025 guard Rainey Welson (#52 ESPN HoopGurlz) from Hortonville H.S., Wisconsin (North Tartan) is following Minnesota, Wisconsin, Green Bay, and Marquette on X (Twitter).

Looks like she is heading to Maryland - was hoping Coach P would be able to get this WI kid. With how the season is going and the injuries selling MN has to be hard.

The 2024 and 2025 classes are going to be huge, because they hopefully (if all stay) will have excellent junior's and seniors to lead the way, but also still have plenty opportunities to help make a long run in the tourney.

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