2024 Commits Football Season Highlights/News

Finally some Ijeboi tape. An absolutely electric run followed by some defensive tape. The camera angles/quality are poor but the balance, speed, and tenacity shine on the run. Love the high effort on D too. It’s great to see HS recruits play both ways. I think this could be a sleeper that we manage to sneak past the eastern powerhouses.


Watched about 3/4 the stream for Madu’s game. I don’t want to be too harsh since these recruits are typically the projection type that take time to learn and grow, but I was hoping to see more. I’ll start by saying that I know nothing of the team he plays for or their level of competition. I also don’t know his assignments for each game or how long he’s even been playing FB. I try and keep all of that in mind as I review film. So I’ll do the things that I’d like to see improving first.

He’s a supreme athlete by all accounts. With that in mind I’d like to see him on more offensive and ST snaps. Maybe they have great WRs already but Madu has some speed and length. Have him run a go route or something. With his ability I’d like to see him impact the game more on other sides of the ball like some of our other recruits.

Another semi-issue I had was play recognition and his fits. Disclaimer: I’m not the DC so I don’t know what his responsibilities are. Still it seemed like he’d get blocked too easy by the WR or would wide angles to make a tackle even if he’s 2x faster than the ball carrier. One play even went right past him and another player had to track down the runner from across the field. As a D1 guy I was expecting a bit more down hill play and faster reactions/better angles. Maybe some of that is on the play call idk.

Besides that his athleticism and technique are both enticing. I do worry slightly about run D in the B1G for him but I’m a believer in training that ability/mentality as opposed to it being exclusively innate. He had a couple really nice coverages on stick/out routes which can be hard for even CFB corners to cover.

Overall it’s not that he was bad or a liability but more that I was hoping to see him fully leverage his size and athleticism. He may take a while to develop but the ability is there. If we retain our D staff I think they can do a lot with him. He could also enroll early and contribute to the team in year 1 in a Walley fashion who knows. As with 99% of the time, trust the staff.
From what I understand is Madu is a hockey kid who just started playing football like 2-3 years ago. I don't expect him to be an instant contributer but I do have high hopes for him at some point in the next 2-3 years

Sunram plays both sides again in a near shut out win. This guy will be a star no matter what side of the ball he plays on. His technique and conditioning have a ways to go, but man is he nimble and strong. Great footwork as a pulling OL and runs so well blocking to next levels. On D he got more reps on wider DE splits and on the inside too. Once Coach Delo can get him executing with more hands/leverage he’ll be a good one for us.

Carrier with 79 yards rushing /1 TD also had 12 total tackles and 2 TFL
DL being the closest thing I have to a home, makes that special. Love to see him excel and hope he can be that next Cody. Go Mason.

Jide/Mo both uploaded highlights for their match up. No clue which tech they each end up at but their size makes it seem like they have flexibility.

Stumble across the highlights from CB Mike Gerald via MaxPrep. Crazy because last game he was at WR and CB and this past game he was strictly QB. His team 1-3 on the season playing in one of the toughest district in Texas 6A. He definitely does it all for his team and all though their record is not the best, all the games were close except this past game in which they lost 54-14 to an Nationally Ranked team called Katy. He threw and ran for his team only 2 TD's.


#58 overall now in the country and they gave him a write-up...

Minnesota safety commit Koi Perich (No. 58) pairs an outstanding athletic profile with great film as a two-way playmaker. The Esko (Minn.) Lincoln Secondary standout is making impressive plays as a receiver and safety this season, showing impressive play speed and physicality. Also a strong track athlete and above-the-rim basketball player, Perich has a bunch of positive indicators as a prospect.

Drake Lindsey is 19/27 290 and 3TDs at the half. The opp DL is all over him and he’s doing an elite job of navigating the pocket and rolling out for runs and off platform throws. Had an amazing scramble/bootleg throw for a TD that got called back. Also had some 40+ yard throws go out of the hands of the receiver or was just a tad too long. Another great night where he may not even play a full game.

Edit: Lindsey goes f****** dumb in the 3Q and tosses 3 more beautiful TDs all to the same WR. Doesn’t play a snap in 4Q.
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Watched the TEs Johnson and Simpson play.

Simpson had some good blocking and a long reception called back on holding. His game was a defensive slug fest. Doesn’t get a lot of looks until his O is down 4 with 1 minute left to play. They decide that’s a good time to target the D1 commit. Gets some good catches but their team comes up short 10-14.

Johnson had a much better game. He plays every phase similar to Sunram. He flashes sometimes at DE but you can tell he’s a true TE. Took some short catches for long gains and looks like a really smooth runner. He sees a lot of inline TE play and does a good job from there. Does a good job getting to blocks with his athleticism but doesn’t always finish them. That’ll come with S/C and coaching.

Both are really good athletes and skilled receivers. They have different/complimentary types of game so it’ll be fun to watch them develop in our program.

Heck of a game!! Will be curious if he’s destined to RS or if he’s given chance to compete for QB1.
I don’t think anyone catches AK next year but Viotto will sure have his work cut out for him. Especially if Lindsey comes in early.

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