2023 USA Women's VNL Volleyball Matches


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Feb 10, 2019
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USA vs. Serbia -

Team USA came back down 2-1 and beat Serbia 3-2. Great match for them considering their are more rookies on this team than veterans.

Fans wanted to see Samedy on this team, but in all reality she is down on the depth chart for the USA Opposite position and will more than likely not be on the roster for this leg of the matches and those to follow in hosts Brazil and Korea. She has seen very little to no playing time this past season on her pro Italy team. Making the USA team takes development/experience in the sport after college...it just does.

So many people praised the likes of Samedy and Rettke during their college years, but both of them are finding out how much effort and time it takes to develop their games at the World Level. Today Rettke was unable to establish a middle game for team USA and KK pulled her after the second set loss to Serbia. Without the middle game Serbia's block was waiting on our pins. Both Texas former middles. Asija O'Neal and Brionne Butler, finished the match and our Middle Blocking game came alive, for the win.

As some feel, U of MN runs their game too much like team USA. Start watching these matches on www.volleyballworld.tv and I guarantee that you will have a much better understanding of the sport and where it is at and heading FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD AND NOT JUST FOR TEAM USA.

USA college coaches are trying to develop their players for life after college. Again, the sport is forever changing.

Today Rettke was unable to establish a middle game for team USA and KK pulled her after the second set loss to Serbia.

That makes me smile.

"There was no touch" Liar

Maybe one day she will be a very important player and contribute a bunch to titles and medals for USA. If so, fine. But for now, I'm happy to see her taken down a peg.

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USA vs. Italy 12 pm CT TODAY -

Team USA wins 3-2 (25-16, 14-25, 22-25, 25-20, 15-9). Not either team brought their "A" Team to Turkey and both are missing several starters. Very sloppy match by both teams, but a win is a win...
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USA vs. Korea 9 am CT TODAY -

Team USA wins 3-0 (25-16, 27-25, 25-11). This is suppose to be the most non-competitive team from Korea ever. They were ahead most of the second set and up 22-17 and found a way to lose to us. The USA block(15-3) and Korea errors were the main factors in our win today. Korea has yet to win a set.

Tomorrow will be our toughest match of this leg of the VNL vs host Turkey. Right now the USA Opps are Jordan Thompson, Annie Drews and Danelle Cuttino, with our Stephanie Samedy on the outside looking in. IMO SS is our BEST DEFENDER in Zone 1, but the weakest in blocking. If you can believe this or not, several fans say she is just too short for the Pro level. It appears SS will not be getting playing time this season in the VNL.

Next leg is set in Brazil with USA playing June 13-18.

The final leg will be in Korea with USA matches scheduled June 27-July 2.
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Team USA vs. Turkey 12 pm CT TODAY -

Team USA wins 3-2 (25-22,25-22, 22-25, 11-25, 15-9), This was pretty much unexpected going into today's match with Turkey on their home court and in front of a sold out arena full of Turkish fans. Plus the fact that the USA rookies out numbered the veterans on this team that Karch Karily assembled for the VNL matches Also, a fact that we more or less just beat the Turkey Women's Pro Team.

Gopher players practicing with Team USA are Stephanie Samedy, Sarah Wilhite-Parsons and Hannah Tapp, who right now is out with an injury. Lauren Gibbemeyer has retired from USA Volleyball and I believe that, unfortunatley, Tori Dixon is close behind.

The BIG was well represented in Turkey and they all saw a lot of playing time contributing to our 4-0 start in the VNL. It was truly a fun and exciting win for Team USA.

S Micha Hancock - Penn State
S Ashley Evans - Purdue
Opp Annie Drews - Purdue
Opp Danielle Cuttino - Purdue
L Justine Wong-Orantes (JWO) - Nebraska
MB Dana Rettke - Wisconsin
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RESULTS FOR THE SECOND WEEK MATCHES IN BRAZIL - No former Gophers to report playing this week either. Happy to report team USA goes 3-1 in the second week matches in Brazil. All matches can be replayed on volleyballworld.tv with a subscription.

Our only loss is the VNL so far is to Japan. With only 18 hours between the Japan and Brazil matches, KK more or less assembled his backup players for the Japan match and it didn't pay off. Lastly, ALWAYS NICE TO BEAT BRAZIL ON THEIR HOME COURT IN FRONT OF 10,000 FANS. Back to back wins for Team USA....now and the unforgettable Gold Medal match in Tokyo.

USA 3-1 vs Croatia - 17-25, 25-22, 25-18, 25-15
USA 3-0 vs Thailand - 25-21,18,16
USA 2-3 vs Japan - 25-23, 23-25, 19-25, 25-23, 6-15
USA 3-0 vs Brazil - 25-22,19, 22

I could easily be wrong....but I thought I also read somewhere that Ari Miyabe is on the Japan VNL team.
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Third week of Women's VNL started in Korea. If interested, you can watch the full match on Youtube. USA wins 3-2 (17-25, 25-15, 27-25, 28-20, 16-14)


I see Samedy didn't make the cut for this week (again). How does this work - is there a reason to have her on the VNL roster if she doesn't get to travel?

I don't have inside information ever. I follow the USA team as much as possible and watch several of their matches. I pass information onto other volleyball fans, with the information I either receive by WATCHING OR READING.

Now, I also read that Samedy is on a Turkish roster for the 2023/2024 season. This is that link:

Annie Drews and Jordan Thompson are the 1-2 Opps for this USA Women's team. Samedy is being asked to join the USA team in the gym, but I personally am not sure she will be able to break into the National Team. JT played for Cincinnati and is a Minnesota girl. So it is fun as a volleyblal fan to watch her play.

It sounds like Tori Dixon has been invited to the gym too, but has declined for personal reasons. H Tapp is recoving from a torn ACL and Sarah Wilhite-Parsons might have an injury too. The latter really has not seen much playing time on the USA team and it is unfortunate. However, when our SWP has seen playing time, she has been relegated to a USA SERVING SUB ONLY.

SS is our last Gopher hopeful, but it appears it still isn't her time to shine on the National Stage for Team USA. However, I am hoping she can some day.

In the second match of this week of VNL Women's Volleyball in Korea, USA wins in 3 sets over Bulgaria 25-14,17,17. Most of those who didn't play the match against Poland started this match. Pretty messy for the most part, but they were able to get a win.

If anybody is interested, their next match is also scheduled to be shown on YouTube Live. It will be at 3:30 AM tomorrow morning.

USA Wins over Germany 3-1 (25-22, 18-25, 25-22, 25-13).

Last match in this third week of the Women's VNL will also be at 3:30 AM against China on Volleyball World TV.
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After up two sets to one, USA loses to China in 5 sets (25-28, 19-25, 25-19, 20-25, 8-15). The USA team is now 1 of 8 teams in the VNL Women's World Finals in Texas. They will be going into this stage in second place with a 10-2 record. China pretty much had their A team playing this week in Korea, where the USA not so much. It will be interesting to see who makes the final USA roster. Still no updates to announce for former Gopher players on this season's USA roster.


Tonight at 8:30 PM CT on Volleyballworld.tv.com -

Final Round on July 12-16 at College Park Center in Arlington, Texas
(All times PT)

July 12 at 6:30 p.m. USA vs Japan

Sorry - Match has started and Airi Miyabe is playing for Japan.

Just watched Team USA win in 4 sets (25-23, 25-21,18-25, 25-18). Miyabe played MB the entire match for Japan and was HUGE for them. She was a "blocking machine". So so glad to see her at this level.

USA had 12 errors to Japan's 3 in the third set loss. KK's decision to start replacing some of his starters paid off in that 4th set. Franti and Skinner came in for KCook and Lanier at the OH positions and Rettke took over for Chiaka Ogbogu at MB.

Next the USA will play the winner of the Turkey/Italy match.
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Remaining schedule for both Men's and Women's VNL FINALS is posted on the following website. If interested, the Women are playing their semifinal match vs. Turkey tomorrow. Again, games are televised with a subscription to volleyballworld.tv.


Yesterday USA was defeated by Poland 3-1 (25-21, 25-14, 24-26, 27-25).

KK almost went through his entire bench subbing players throughout the entire match to try and find a winning formula. Backup players S Lauren Carlini and L Morgan Hentz were the only two on the bench that did not see playing time. The USA team could not really turn the game around. They were outplayed in all aspects of the game....actually, the better team won.

Both middles, Dana Rettke and Asia O'Neal, played in sets 3-4 and 4 respectively. Rettke had a couple of nice serving runs and O'Neal finally brought the block needed to shutdown Turkey's pins, but it just wasn't enough. USA had 31 errors to Turkey's 19.

Asija O'Neal is the only college player on the USA team. She will be in her 6th season playing with Jenna Wenaas for Texas this Fall.

VNL Championship matches are today. The USA will play Poland at 2 pm CT in the Bronze match and China vs Turkey in the Gold match scheduled for 5:30 pm CT.

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