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    The Athletic: Where do bowls fit in CFP expansion? Is CFB turning into NFL lite? Our experts weigh in

    College football has been DUMB for a long time and we should keep it dumb because of tradition? Sports are supposed to be decided on the field of play. Can you imagine playing the NFL season and then voting to decide who's best?
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    Odd thought on USC/UCLA and the U

    My immediate reaction when I heard the news was this: This will work out OK for Minnesota because of airport access. Everybody in the chattering classes talking about geography and travel, but both USC and UCLA are conveniently located near LAX. And the flight is shorter than many of the bus...
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    Happy Bowl Day!

    So I'm grabbing my first cup of coffee and my wife hands me a big shopping bag and says, "Happy Bowl Day." Inside is a quilt she made and a gnome she painted. Thought I'd share a pic--the quilt is blocks on one side and stripes on the other. A win and my day is complete. Go Gophers!
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    Reusse takes shots at Heather Fleck, "cowardly folks at Gopher Hole"

    Have you ever attended Patrick Reusse Daze in Fulda? All the people that can't and won't do anything constructive sit around and compete in the snarky cynicism contest. The semifinalists are awarded the "Reusse 'Rhoid" medal while the winner takes home the "Reusse Perfect A$$Hole Trophy". All...
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    “Most disappointing season in my time being a fan…” may be the saddest display of expectations induced GROUP depression recorded when rowing…

    I'm not really all that depressed by the season. I am depressed that I'm in my mid-60s and my Pasadena/Rose Bowl fund is so much bigger than my 401k.
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    Contract Extension for Fleck

    Plus early signing is coming up, what?, December 15th. Too hard to recruit with other schools saying Fleck's as good as gone and recruiting targets hearing and reading all the media speculation.
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    Which is most important to you, personally?

    Rose Bowl, Rose Bowl, Rose Bowl. The last time Minnesota was in the Rose Bowl, I watched the game while wearing a diaper. I'd like to get this done before I'm again watching a Gopher's Rose Bowl in a diaper.
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    Souhan: It's a losing play for P.J. Fleck to tout his Gophers "culture" over talent

    I'm 62 years old and the most tiresome thing in my years is how regularly most of the cynical hacks that pass for sports writers at the Star Trib regularly mistake the University football program for a urinal.
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    Nebraska unlikely to make a bowl game…again

    How about: A moral victory is still a victory!
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    Postgame Observations

    Like my Daddy used to say, Son, there ain't no such thing as an ugly rich girl.
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    Thread removed about message to fans

    Good for Heather. It's nice to see some sign of an offense associated with the name Fleck.
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    Gophers in Rose Bowl, slim chance in my lifetime

    I had an idea some years back and wrote to the commissioners of the Big 10/Pac !2 at the time. It always made sense to me to have a Rose Series, A Big 10/Pac 12 game-of-the-week and have those games count as in-conference games. Great marketing and exposure for both conferences and it could...
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    Gophers in Rose Bowl, slim chance in my lifetime

    The advantage to being an old fart is at least I've seen the Gophers in a Rose Bowl. And here's how it's going to work: While everybody's looking up at Ohio State, PJ's gonna have the Gophers tunneling out of site and all of the sudden poof! we pop up in the middle of the Rose Bowl like Mr...
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    GH Now Has 2 Off-Topic Forums: One Focused on Politics and Current Events; One Focused on Pro Sports, Pop Culture, Music, Movies

    They do. They've got the S/M/L/2XL, maybe bigger but they've been out of the XL forever. Don't want to end up wasting the stimulus check on something dumb like a dishwasher.

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