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    Three potential breakout stars for Gophers football in 2021 | Tony Liebert

    I’ll be expectations, provided the emergents are relatively attractive women.
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    100-Year Old Swain a Gopher Treasure

    How great would it be to be a VP at the U at the age of 83?
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    Gopher Beach

    $300k to hang out on the beach? Holy smokes, I’m working my ass off in hopes of retiring to that.
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    Gophers in Rose Bowl, slim chance in my lifetime

    No, it was continuing to put slow linebackers on Chris Perry against Michigan.
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    New commitment! Coleman Bryson!!!

    Can someone take a picture of him standing next to Mike Morris?
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    Friday Night Plans

    Saturday I dove into a muffin.
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    Friday Night Plans

    Me, nibble on some tuna tacos all night long.

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