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    Gophers (and Badgers) Host Big Ten/Big 12 Challenge v TCU and Baylor (8-25 and 8-26)

    I thought watching Shaff in person last night that she really upped her game from last season! Pretty big time. I was excited to see that. It was clear she has worked on areas her game has been critiqued regularly on. She and Murr definitely have a strong connection. Murr has that ability to...
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    2024 Recruiting

    Jada Eads recently visited and we are in her Final 4.
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    Janay Sanders

    Seems like a solid add for depth. I noticed Janay’s Appalachian State team played Coach P.’s West Virginia squad last season. I think players looking at us in the portal know we have a strong young core we are building around. Most obvious adds would be situations like this… A solid grad...
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    Other B1G Team Notes 2023-24

    The Bowling Green head coach some folks on this board were interested in to lead the Gophers will be the new head coach at Michigan State.
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    2023 Recruiting

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    Dawn Plitzuweit Named New Gopher Head Coach!

    I don’t have access to the Strib article referenced in this ESPN post. At the end it says Battle announced she plans to return next year. This is the first time I read that, and if true is amazing news and makes me even more excited for what our new coach can accomplish with the team next...
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    Dawn Plitzuweit Named New Gopher Head Coach!

    Dawn was my first place choice! I wasn’t sure we could get her one year into her West Virginia tenure. I watched South Dakota’s NCAA run last year and they were amazing. winning AT #2 seed Baylor ending a 12 year Sweet 16 run. Tied under 30 seconds left with Michigan just missing the Elite 8. An...
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    Rose into the Portal

    Rose is the player I’m least shocked to hear portal news about. I recall a Strib article at the beginning of the season that Rose’s older brother, who she refers to as her best friend in the article, was diagnosed with leukemia a month before the season. I could see her closer to home in...
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    Coaches to Watch

    You’re right! I don’t know why I felt so sure about their run originally that I didn’t look it back up 😆 but they did lose in the Sweet Sixteen to Michigan by 3. Yeah, I’m not sure what the buyout would be. I was able to find she finished year 1 of a 5 year contract that was at $550,000 this...
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    Coaches to Watch

    There are two very experienced coaches I would want to interview. Dawn Plitzuweit and Kamie Ethridge. Dawn (the non-Staley one) has a career recruiting Big Ten areas and took South Dakota to an Elite Eight. (!!) She has coached at Michigan and Wisconsin, and has over a decade of experience as a...
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    Coaches to Watch

    Now that we’re here… Jennie Baranczyk. Done a great job at Drake and now Oklahoma. Only 41yo, a former Hawkeye some speculate taking over at Iowa whenever Lisa Bluder retires. Might like inheriting this great group closer to home now that Sherri Coale’s very good 5th year players graduate. My...
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    BREAKING: Mark Coyle and Lindsay Whalen announced today that Whalen will step down as head coach, effective immediately.

    Someone posted same time as this… Don’t know how to delete this thread.
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    BREAKING: Mark Coyle and Lindsay Whalen announced today that Whalen will step down as head coach, effective immediately.

    Some of y’all got what you wanted…
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    B1G Game 18: Gophers Host Purdue (2-26-23)

    Solid win. Lots of contributors, and can see the potential. I really enjoyed watching them get to get a good win on the last home game of the season. Any chance they’d try the WBI tournament that Stollings used one post season? Might be a stretch but would like the team get that post-season...
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    Phoebe Awoleye transfers in - NEW MIDDLE!!!

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