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    Linsay Whalen Questionable Coaching Ability

    One argument that is used with Whalen is her lack of coaching experience. To that I would say Dawn Staley. She took the same route as Whalen retiring from the WNBA and becoming a successful head coach immediately at Temple and now with what she has built in South Carolina. I know Temple is...
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    Let me know when you are getting concerned.
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    B1G Game 16: Gophers Visit Nebraska (2-20-22)

    It is one thing to get beat but to get beat without any competitive spirit says a lot about the leadership of this team. But according to Souhan, Whalen's coaching or leadership should not be called into question.
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    STrib: Whalen Works to Rally Gophers After 56 Point Loss

    They should watch the men's team play. A team built on defense and toughness.
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    Lindsay (The Legend) Just Not A Good Coach

    It is interesting that she played for a (Lynx) coach that stressed defense, rebounding, and toughness all the things that her team seems to lack. Our inside play has basically been non-existant in any of those phases since her hire. She has not been able to recruit that big, like McCarville...
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    The opponents formula against the Gophers has been established. Play 94 feet and pressure the heck out of them and wear them down. The CC tape will be looked at by all Big Ten Teams. With that being said, many Big Ten teams don't play that style but will they change it up for the Gophers...
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    All Things Dain Dainja Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020) Gophers Offered

    I am coming home. Played at Park Center, but doesn't consider Minnesota home, interesting.
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    MJ Anderson in the transfer portal

    When a player puts himself in the transfer portal do they lose their training table? access to Athletes Village? I assume their scholarship is honored through the year. In my humble opinion when a player decides to leave the team their team privileges should end.
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    Game 6: Minnesota V Syracuse (11-20-21)

    Thought the same thing. She needs to interject more of the color and JG needs to give her some openings.
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    Game 1: Gophers Host Jacksonville (11-9-21)

    Whalen hasn't proven a thing as a coach, and she often gets a pass by the media because she is the Golden Girl. It is obviously just one game, but a lesser opponent on your home court is not a good start. And having a point guard who is a poor decision maker is a recipe for disaster.
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    Gophers Crush Maryland: Post-Game Reaction Thread

    There is so much to like about this team: good d that runs to the ball, strong and sometimes dominating o line, running game with depth and skill, and well coached with a team that doesn't commit a lot of penalties. But to achieve a Big Ten West title we need a little more. Consistency with...
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    Who’s EXCITED to watch Rashod today?

    I have to admit that Bateman's exodus at the U left a bad taste in my mouth. His initial call about sitting out I could understand. But then saying he wants back in because of his commitment to his team and teammates, and then baling again because things were not going as expected. There is...

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