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    Obviously. Is that a real question? I know where this is going... If they can do it, we can do it. Nope, it's not that simple. I actually think we're better than them this year, who knows though. All I'm saying is enjoy the season. I'm done posting here for the season. Maybe we'll catch up a...
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    Can you please elaborate on what was idiotic about my post? I write a post about searching for positives in a strange season as a FAN. YOU reply by calling that idiotic. If you believe that the attitudes of FANS on an F'ING FAN BLOG determine the future of a program then you can't be helped...
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    Couple of observations. 1. Saying that Carr has been "good" is an insult to how he has played. If Carr keeps up this level of play the Gophers can contend in the conference. 2. The team defense has created a crazy number of turnovers. 3. We haven't really seen what Robbins and Johnson can do...
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    Keep the faith

    I am keeping the faith in Pitino and in the future of the team. I'm conflicted like most of you and I understand that you can't simply dismiss the team's B1G record during Richard's tenure. However, there has been such incredible bad luck along the way, just a smattering of examples... - Eric...
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    Shooter say Oturu to have shoulder surgery.

    Maybe Otero's baseball season will be over by the time fall hoops practice begins.
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    Jordan Murphy - Wooden Midseason Top 25

    It's been nearly 24 hours, and this hasn't been posted on this board. I understand that this season has completely derailed, but how has this not been posted? It's literally...
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    All Things Jarvis Omersa Recruitment Thread UPDATED: OMERSA A GOPHER!

    Wow, these highlights are super impressive. I love how comfortable he looks putting the ball on the floor. He moves around the floor with ease, and he is ridiculously explosive. He looks like he'll be playing some minutes next season.
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    Blue Ribbon projections of Gophers non-conference opponents

    The Gophers only play MSU once this season, and it's at the Barn. I like our chances in that game, depending on how the rest of the season pans out, I could see the Gophers competing for the top spot. Although, I liked our chances even better prior to the Curry injury (obviously).
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    Whatever Happened to Joe Coleman

    I was just reminiscing on the 2012-13 season of ups and downs, and I realized that I never checked-in on Joe Coleman's career at St. Mary's. A subsequent search on college basketball reference yielded a result of 1 games worth of stats in the 2014-15 season. Was that really the end of his...
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    Andre Hollins vs Iowa

    After a quick browse of the recent postings I found mostly negative things, so I decided to give a minute of praise to Andre Hollins... He had a below average shooting game but there were two things that stood out for me. 1. 8 assists to 1 turnover. A LOT of people have commented about his...
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    B1G Season Long Predict the Score - Game 4 Standings

    Hello GHer's, There is a new rule in the game: if you are in the bottom 30 after game 9, you will not make the "cut" for the second half of the season. There are a lot of predictors that have picked only one or two games and are essentially out of contention for the top prize. Here are the...
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    B1G Season Long Predict the Score - Game 3

    Hello GHer's, Here are the updated standings: 1. Blizzard - 24 2. Minnestoa - 28 3. Addicted2gophers - 32 4. Goldy Gopher - 34 5. Selectionsunday - 36 5. Gopher1more -36 7. SWMNGOPHER -37 8. Parski1 - 38 9. Bemidjigopher - 40 9. Dr. Don - 40 9. Afurry91 - 40 12. Mom8pop...
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    B1G Season Long Predict the Score - Game 2

    Hello GHer's, Here are the updated standings after game 2, if you notice any mistakes please let me know and I'll make the change. 1. Blizzard - 11 2. Minnestoa - 18 3. Dofr - 19 4. Selectionsunday - 20 4. Gophersontherise - 20 6. Addicted2gophers - 23 6. Drakegopher - 23 8...
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    B1G Season Long Predict the Score - Game 1

    Hello GH'ers, I know that there was some chatter about starting this thread for the B4A, but to keep things fair I thought it best to start with the B1G season. In order to stay eligible, you must predict the score through Dr. Don's thread for each and EVERY game this season. If you fail to...
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    Predict the Score - Season Long Point Totals

    Hello GHer's, I thought it would be fun for those of us who predict the score for every game to have a season long competition to see who's closest at season's end. I looked at how many points each member missed by for each game and added them up, here are the rankings so far: GopherHoopsFan...

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