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    Looking for Ski-U-Mah pass for Miami Game

    Send me a note if you have a pass you're looking to sell for the SKi-U-Mah lot for this Saturday. thanks
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    2 tickets for Michigan (Best Offer)

    I can't attend the game due to other commitments. Send me a message if you are interested: Section: 243 Row: 24 Includes a parking pass to the Washington Ave Ramp. thanks
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    Team Poster/Schedule

    I didn't make it to the state fair this year, which is where I usually grab a football poster with the schedule on it for my cube at work. Anyone know if there is somewhere on Campus I could get one this weekend? Do the bookstores or Goldie's Locker room have them?
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    The Maxx Williams Catch...

    After the game I happened to be walking by Maxx and his father as they were hugging. I can't remember the exact words but something to the effect of "This one fells damn good" was said. Great day for Maxx.
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    AP Top 25 Voting

    I was just curious where the Gophers were getting votes from and how they ranked on some of the AP voters top 25. Here is the breakdown: Steve Batterson - 22 (Quad City Times) Tim Griffin - 25 (San Antonio Express - News) Seth Emerson - 25 (The Macon (Ga)) Scott Wolf - 19 (Los Angeles Daily...
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    Ed Olson Jr - big weight loss

    Here's the photo. Definitely looks a lot different.
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    2 tickets for this weekend (10/26)

    2 tickets for this weekend (10/26) - $100 I have 2 tickets and a parking pass to the Washington Ave ramp for this weekend against Nebraska. PM if you're interested. Section 243 thanks
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    Looking for a Ski-U-Mah pass (Miami-OH)

    I'm trying to track down a tailgate pass for tomorrow's game (Miami-OH). Please let me know if you have one you are looking to sell. thanks
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    Gopher Points?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to find out your Gopher point total and where you stand in terms of priority?

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