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    Weak top 10

    this ^^ the transfer portal is the problem. not cohesiveness for 4-5 years
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    Weak top 10

    yes it's gonna be a mess come December Heck Coastal Carolina is #15
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    Gophers open as a 3 point dog

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    Gophers to play North Dakota in 2028 & 2030

    still scared of NDSU, wow. congrats on your 2 lopsided wins
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    All Things Bowling Green at Minnesota Post-Game Thread

    PJ is being exposed NOT having Winfield, Batemon & Ty Johnson. that's what I see.
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    Trey Lance: 'I would've thought that I was going to play quarterback at the University of Minnesota'

    if PJ Fleck offers NDSU'S Trey Lance a QB offer instead of a Safety... then he's a Sophomore for Minnesota right now & would vastly improve the team. IMO... (not having Winfield, Batemon, MO & Ty Johns is probably a bigger problem) but dayum
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    Vatican says it will not bless same-sex unions, calling homosexuality a 'sin' and a 'choice'

    as a practicing catholic I fully approve this. go down the rabbit hole to see why some gay men were pushed into deacons, ushers, clergy in the 50 and 60's it was to bring down the church
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    Bracket Predictions?

    BOO i wanted gophers here in Fargo so I could wear my Gopher Jersey to the games.
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    NDSU football getting creamed right now by the Salukis

    NDSU bounces back with 2 wins, got the running game finally going 5-1 and 3 games left til Playoffs. 41 wins in 42 games is alright i'd say. NDSU will solve their QB problem in Fall with West Virginia QB Transfer and True Freshman Cole Peyton who turned down Nebraska. and the thunder...
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    Souhan: If not now, Mark Coyle, when? Past time to diversify Gophers leadership

    Diversity will destroy these universities, its already happening. Wokeness over common sense or best PERSON for the job. maybe hit up miami beach for some candidates from last weekend.
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    Coaching Search from the Collegiate Coaching Consortium - (Formerly the Villa 7 Consortium)

    Quit possible the WORST basketball coach around zero zero .01 that gophers would even interview him Take Craig Smith Utah St or Tim Miles instead

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